Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Keyur Patel Scott Clifford Jerry Lillard
Vitaly Klopot Colin Sablack Sampo Kemila Jaime Martinez
Gerry Keaty Sergey Zhmako


Scored goals:

  1. O.G.
  2. Sergey Zhmako
  3. Sampo Kemila


Wet and miserable morning to play football, but that doesn't affect the 'all out' mentality of the ever growing experienced Partisan squad. After waiting for the ref to arrive we finally kicked off. It was noticeable straight away that the opposition don't play every day. Partisans were pushing them backwards and backwards and a goal was inevitable. Some nice passing down the right released Lillard and from unknown to him territory he released a low dangerous cross across the box which an unlucky defender put into his own net. 1-0! Partisan were looking more and more effective while the Embassy were more and more aggressive. The game was heating up and to be honest I feel we were getting knocked about a bit. We need to get more aggressive and know where we stand. Nevertheless both teams had chances with Embassy's coming mostly from dangerous crosses from the wings. After a cross from the left, Klopot jumped high trying to get a knock on, heading it straight into a defender's arm. The ref points straight to the spot. Kemila steps forward confidently and dispatches it expertly into the bottom right corner. 2-0! Young Zhmako had a good night's sleep the night before and was firing on all cylinders. A neat link up play from Alexander following by a sublime run by Keaty and a good save from the keeper left Zhmako with the ball at his feet and an open net, 3-0! The embassy decided to wake up and were causing some problems to Simunek, grazing him on the head and all sorts! A strong shot from the forward hit Clifford straight in the arm, resulting in a second penalty in the match. 3-1! From then on the goals didn't stop coming, Zhmako despatched one into the bottom left corner after a great run 4-1! Embassy scored a goal which I haven't got a clue about... I really don't! 4-2! When Alexander picked up the ball at the centre of the park, the wasn't a lot on, Partisan were on the break! Janzer was overlapping on the right and took a defender with him, that left space for Kemila to cut across the middle fake a run to the right, going left instead and a smart pass but Alexander left Kemila one on one 5-2! That wasn't all, everyone was tired, and waiting for the whistle to blow, but Martinez had other thoughts. Good work, this time from the left, produced a brilliant cross for Martinez to slide in right footed into the roof of the net. 6-2! A good performance all around. We need to keep concentrating and play the simple ball whenever we can, well done everyone.