Radek Simunek
Steve Hornback Keyur Patel Chris Johnson Jerry Lillard
Jaime Martinez Vitaly Klopot Phil Alexander Dominic Rice
Armand Guri Sergey Zhmako


Scored goals:


As the score-line suggests there was not a lot to talk about in this game. Arguably, the man with the greatest influence on the game was the referee, who made the strange decision to only play about 75 minutes while still charging for the full 90. The highlight reel would probably have most of the time taken up with Mark Child's wonderfully fluent, Czech rant at the ref when he came to collect his money! The game was a pretty tight affair with few clear cut chances. Partisan in particular, did little to threaten the Zizkov goal. Zizkov's keeper was able to put his feet up while his back line dealt with Partisan's hopeful punts and attempted 'World Cup' passes with relative ease. However, the whole Partisan team put in a very solid defensive display throughout the whole match. Sablack came on in the centre of defence at half time with Johnson pushing into centre midfield and the team looked just as solid in the second half. When the occasional chance fell Zizkov's way, Simunek was on fantastic form, tipping the ball around post and crossbar or confidently claiming the crosses thrown hopefully into the box. He was definitely the busier of the two keepers but the Zizkov keeper had to pull off one important save midway through the second half when Martinez broke into the box but finished weaker than he would have liked. Unfortunately this tense encounter was finally decided from a Zizkov corner. For once, the Partisan boys failed to clear and the ball was headed past an acrobatic but unlucky Lillard on the line. Not to worry though as we can all take encouragement from a very solid display.