Anton Polishchuk
Todd Benson Chris Johnson Colin Sablack Steve Hornback
Jerry Lillard Vitaly Klopot Richard O'Connor Destine Aduwa
Jaime Martinez Keyur Patel


Scored goals:

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Jaime Martinez


Well, this was one of those games you just want to forget about. Hence the delay of my report; I literally forgot about it! But, here it goes! We had a few new guys out on the pitch: Hornback and Aduwa. The game began with the ball going back and forth a bit, neither side gaining the upper hand. Then, out of nowhere, DHL/Dynamo scored a rather average goal against our keeper Polishchuk, who soon was to be bombarded with more shots. After the surprise goal, Partisan turned on the pressure, making several runs towards goal, but none were effective. This went on for about 20 min, before the opposition scored again, due to a defensive lapse. Just a few minutes after, the third goal fell. The morale was pretty low already at this point, when Johnson, during the last seconds of the first half, made a great flat long-distance shot into the right corner. Half time: 1-3. Everyone felt a bit better after Johnsons goal, and Johnson was moved to midfield to assist in getting the ball early, and some more goal scoring. The problem is that when Johnson left defense, all structure went with him. Our hopes of recovery quickly ended, as another DHL/Dynamo goal fell, after weaving effortlessly through and putting in yet another savable goal. I will spare the details of the rest of the game, other than that DHL/Dynamo added 3 more goals to their 4, and that the valiant Partisan managed to score twice more through Aduwa (rebound volley into the right corner), and Martinez (long shot, just outside the box). The final score: 3-7. This was an unusual performance by Partisan, with many of the regulars missing. Maybe people should ask the club first, for the schedule of the games, before they go on holidays.