Radek Simunek
Till Janzer Colin Sablack anonymous Jerry Lillard
Doron Raviv Bart Burgmans Anders Rokaas Scott Clifford
Armand Guri Jaime Martinez


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot


Being english, i will start this report by talking about the weather. Waking up to what I thought was shocking weather, i thought to myself that i will be running in puddles of mud in a couple of hours. Oh how wrong i was! As the day went on, it got clearer and clearer... GAME ON! For me personally, turning my ankle half way through warm-up was a bit of a downer but crap happens. Anyhow, ref has had his fag, kick-off awaits... Partisan start quite slowly, very professionally checking out the opposition. Very equal, scrappy game for the first 15 minutes. Straight away it was obvious Lillard was going to have some joy on the left against an older, slower uglier Accor GIT! Not enough shots to test the keeper tho, except for a shot from Child that did not trouble the keeper. Soon it was clear that this wasn't going to be the cleanest game in the world. Accor players were falling over every time the wind blew unless Guri was there to help them over. Burgmans came off on the 30 mark and things started to liven up from the opposition. A couple of through balls for the strikers to chase were easily dealt with by for me, Man of the Match Mr. Ostrowski. A free kick was also very nicely caught by Simunek. Klopot and Jerabek on. Sablack had his man pretty much covered the first half which meant it was time for my grand grandfather to blow the whistle for half time. A quick girly hug initiated by Lillard, meant things were about to hot up. Accor were on fire, receiving a corner after a quick chat with the ref and crossing to the far post for someone to header it across the face of goal and into the net. 0-1! Sablack being the leader that he was, was absolutely fuming at the man in the yellow, but that just makes you play better. But a silly second goal conceded made us all wake up. 0-2! A couple of nice controlled passes initiated by the solid back four found their way to Ostrowski who without hesitation started running forward and a clever ball through to Klopot left him one on one with the keeper and the least he could do is slot the ball home. 1-2! The ever-running strikers and full-backs in Lillard, Janzer, Martinez and Guri kept the pressure on the opposition and Accor were feeling the pressure. Loads of mistakes and diving was also adding to the atmosphere. The Defoe lookalike was getting on everybodys nerves, especially Simuneks and Cliffords... we all know who would have come out on top in that one! A great cross from Martinez to Klopot should really have been the equalizer but Klopot failed to keep it down. Good work one the left again led to a corner which Ostrowski put away nicely! Wind was a big factor as mentioned prior to the match by Jerabek, but a goal is a GOAL! 2-2! Last 15 minutes were dominated by great work from Benson, Guri and Martinez. A cross to Jerabek resulted in the ball being in the back of the net but so was the keeper unfortunately. Great runs from the right by Guri to create some real chances but unfortunately no end product from the Albanian. Game finished 2-2. P.S you got to love the topless lady!