Anton Polishchuk
Gerd Lemke Colin Sablack Gerry Keaty anonymous
Doron Raviv Chris Johnson Bart Burgmans Adrian Kieran
Sergey Zhmako Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Sergey Zhmako


It was a beautiful morning for a football game, and I (JJ) found myself in unfamiliar territory. I was graciously asked to be the man behind the whistle, the man with the time, the man that holds the game in the palm of his hand! Thats right, the referee. I must say I found it hard not to call for a pass, or to head an oncoming ball, but I managed. To the game: The game started out a bit slow, Partisan trying to find themselves, and the opposition pressuring from the start. They came out with a bit more energy. Thanks to the fantastic four on defense, the strikers of TOL had difficulty breaking through. The game continued in a back and forth motion, some fierce battles and rather vicious slide tackles from behind on both ends. One entanglement I would like to mention, involved Keaty, and a striker of TOL, right outside of the Partisan penalty box. The scene ended with the striker falling dramatically on the ground and the ref called a foul. Keaty, already in a temper from a previous scene, yelled at the striker, saying something like Did they teach you that in school? The rest of the half was pretty much Partisan finding their form, and Johnson trying to motivate the band of brothers. For the second half, Martinez and Lillard came on for Kieran and Child. Now, I dont know if this is coincidence or what, but for the purpose of statistics, I have to bring this up. Martinez and Lillard were also subbed in at half during a Partisan vs. DHL game on March 10. In this game, as soon as they were subbed in, in the terms of Martinez, the floodgates opened. Similar, to the March 10 game, Partisan took control of the game in the second half. Our four musketeers in the back kept things tight, and Polishchuk had some memorable saves as well! Finally, all the hard work paid off, and in minute 55, after a beautiful long throw in from Sablack, Johnson took a running header, which sailed over the stunned goalies head. This was easily the goal of the match! So, once Johnson got things going for us, Partisan kept the pressure coming. Soon following in minute 62, Guri pulled off one of his usual stunts, dribbling past half of the defense on the right hand side of the box and then launching a ball into the farthest right corner of the goal. 8 minutes later, Zhamko struck the death blow into the heart of TOLs efforts to come back from a 0-2 deficit, and from penalty range, blasted the ball into the net. 3-0. Partisan, still hungry, had several chances on goal, and in minute 76, Burgmans punted it from outside the penalty box past the helpless keeper. The only thing I wanted to mention for the rest of the game, is that Till, the prodigal son, did well for TOL, and should think again before running away from home. Great performance boys! The shutout says it all!