Anton Polishchuk
Gerd Lemke Colin Sablack anonymous Gerry Keaty
Bart Burgmans Jaime Martinez Chris Johnson Lukas Sadowski
Sergey Zhmako Sampo Kemila


Scored goals:

  1. Lukas Sadowski


Home team this time. All we needed was a draw to go through to the semi finals on Sunday. A measure of how poor the opposition were was that Polischuk touched the ball once all game. Nevertheless, goals were hard to come by. Invariably we were offside, wasted corner kicks and frees, or had no one making any movement. Only Zhmako ran to a standtill, trying to pressure the defence or find a gap with the ball at his feet. He was replaced at half time by the giant Irishman, Kieran, and as a result we were able to replace our pure but innefective football, with long ball football to the big forward. And it finally worked when he was put through, almost chipping the keeper, looking around to find the ball loose and the goalkeeper confused. He laid it off to Sadowski wide on the left who fired straight into an open goal. 1-0 and qualification to the semi finals as second placed team in the group .