Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Colin Sablack anonymous Adrian Kieran
Zavadil Laurent Juli Chris Johnson Lukas Sadowski
Sergey Zhmako Sampo Kemila


Scored goals:

  1. Sampo Kemila


Sadowski on for Martinez. Petr for Keaty, and Kieran for Burgmans. Corsican opposition this time. Professional looking outfit, more around our own age. With dangerous young centre forward. Quite an evenly matched game - Partisan the more physical, and Omlette the more skillful. Kieran in midfiled set the tone, when he slide tackeld a couple of times in the first minute, almost hospitalising the oppposition player. Once we stopped chasing, the French were able to string nice passes together. Despite this their goal came from a silly undercooked backpass from Seblack, leaving Simunek with no chance. That was just one of many undercooked passes and nervous clearances from Seblack all day. Apart from that though, the defence did look in control of things. Lemke was aggressive, Johnson playing like a Beckenbauer, Seblack reading the game well. In midfield the ball slowed up. Passes went astray, no-one moving, and players going missing, such as Juli on the left. In the second half it looked like we would get well beaten. Ostrowski was spent and came off. Burgmans went centre back and Johnson to midfield. Burgmans pulled off one great goal saving tackle on the centre forward. Burgmans also involved in another incident - handball when a goal chance was almost certain. He walked away without even a yellow card. In the last 8 minutes we started to dominate again, with plenty of heavy challenges coming in. In the end it was another opportunistic goal from Kemila that saved the day. He lobbed the keeper, who was off his line, from about 30 yards out. In the last minute we had a major chance to equalise. Ball played into the box for an on running Martinez. As Martinez bent to head the ball on, he was smashed by the goalie and a defender. Referee's decision - play on. And then final whistle. Cowardly officiating all day. Unfortunately they dislike any sort of tough decisions - if in doubt wave for offside, blow for a free out, or just laugh.