Radek Simunek
Gerd Lemke Colin Sablack Craig Hurry Jerry Lillard
Bart Burgmans Phil Alexander Chris Johnson Jaime Martinez
Sergey Zhmako Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Craig Hurry


The start of this reminded me of The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour as myself, Bart, Gerd, Jaime and the lovely Cathy were having a great time getting lost around Prague. I was getting worried when even at 1:30pm we were still not there and the wife looked as though she was going to be sick at any moment! I must give Bart credit in remaining so cool when none of us had a clue where we were going, although Bart put this great resolve down to being out the night before and still being a little intoxicated, which was what I wanted to hear with my pregnant wife sitting in the front!! We arrived tired and ready for a lay down, instead we quickly had to get changed and play what Partisan is known for under the leadership of Bart - Total Football. To be fair the opposition was not up to much and even with the 'C' game we were demonstrating, there was only going to be one winner to this game. The game started well and Partisan were knocking the ball around well and then the unfortunate Martinez went down after standing on the ball. He limped off and we had our very own Tom Selleck look-a-like, Dan Finlay, came on the marshall the left and hold the shape that we had succeeded holding. Our first goal game from a corner and it was the impressive Craig who guided the ball into the net with a powerful header. Both sides were cancelling each other out with Selleck playing a lovely ball to Johnson whose control let him down and the ball ran through to their keeper. Then the unthinkable happened and they scored and it was all Johnson's fault as he went to sleep at a corner and their centre half scored from an easy header. The half time team talked focused on keeping it tight and letting our skill come to the forefront and dominate the next 45 minutes. This seemed to work after Guri had given Partisan the lead with a very lucky deflection - and to be fair it was probably an own goal - but Guri protested so much that, out of pity, I have given him the goal. The rest of the game went without incident until the last 10 minutes when our reliable keeper, Radecak and the rock, Craig, collided trying to save a goal. In the aftermath Craig broke his wrist and Radek damaged his knee. With the already-injured Martinez as our only sub we were forced to take two of their players and keep it tight for the last 10 minutes. Partisan hung on for a deserved 2-1 victory. All in all this was a very eventful and traumatic day for all involved and we hope the impressive Craig makes a speedy recovery.