Anton Polishchuk
Doron Raviv Colin Sablack Gerry Keaty Gerd Lemke
Sergey Zhmako Phil Alexander Chris Johnson Sampo Kemila Anders Rokaas
Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Sampo Kemila
  2. Sergey Zhmako
  3. Chris Johnson


Partisan was looking for a confidence booster this week after coming off a tough loss 3 weeks ago, and they certainly got one today against an outclassed DHL squad. With Kemila at the helm, Partisan sporting a new 4-5-1 formation, and Finlay keeping for the opposition, the match began evenly enough with both teams getting an equal share of the ball. But we soon put an end to that nonsense when Kemila opened the scoring with a goal off a bicycle kick from about 15 yards out (the purists will dispute the use of the term bicycle kick, but a beautiful goal nevertheless) that left Finlay scratching his beard. DHL did manage to keep their composure however, and gave us a decent contest for the rest of the half. But not good enough to stop Guri from scoring off a header, and Zhmako to put in a third before the half-time whistle. The beginning of the second half saw Guri and Rokaas come off for Lillard and Martinez at the wings. Not necessarily due to the substitutions, but the floods opened soon thereafter. Partisan took complete control of the game and started scoring almost at will. This reporter had to reach deep into the archives all the way back to 2003 to find a similar display of marksmanship (see Oct 18 vs NOP). Conversions came from Martinez from a cross in front of the goal; Johnson, as he rounded the keeper on a one-on-one play; again from Martinez after the ball rebounded off the post; a nice volley by Lillard from the 18; an own goal from a DHL defender; and finally from a beautifully taken corner-kick by Seblack which curled in to make it 9 by Partisan. DHL did manage to take 2 goals back as the score board made us a bit lackadaisical in the back, but the damage was done. What made this win remarkable was that it was a total team effort, as evidenced by the fact that scoring was split among seven, count them, seven players, a first in Partisan history. Hence the unprecedented measure to name The Team as the Man of the Match.