Radek Simunek
Gerry Keaty Dan Finlay Jerry Lillard Scott Clifford
Gerd Lemke Chris Johnson Anders Rokaas Colin Sablack
Sampo Kemila Ali Ashurov


Scored goals:

  1. Ali Ashurov
  2. Chris Johnson


Interesting facts to start report: Debutant German Lemke shares my name. He's Gerd which is close enough. You can call me "Sir". Ashhurov's first game (?) and he's our first from the land of Borat ... that's Afghanistan for you ignorant lot (that's Kazhakstan folks - Ed) . Oh yeah and the new goalie, Simunek (USA/ Spain/ CZech), had to go at half time and Finlay took over. 2-1 half time. IFC scored 2 easy goals because we couldn't do simple defending in the back 4. Ball poked in past the defensive line, trying to play Off, the second from a corner and score from an uncontested header. Jesus! Anyway we piled on the pressure, Sami Kemila missing some nice chances, Johnson hitting the bar, IFC keeper Andreas was very busy. Ashurov however dispossessed him near the end and fired into empty net. Johnson came off at half time but we were real strong for the first 20 mins. The back line sucked up (not sucked) everything. We had the lion's share of ball. Sergey had about 3 chances on goal without success. Then Johnson came on again (to a Take That soundtrack), Keaty off. Johnson to RM, Misiarz to RB. In the space of 10 mins Johnson had scored with a beauty of a header, and with a lovely one two with Kamila. 3-2. Then the wheels came off the bus. The back line was literally all over the place despite the great fight Lillard put up and the sensible play of Sablack. But seriously, it was a shambles at the back. Didnt help when there were a lot of subs coming on at LB and RB. But standing way off the man. Credit to IFC though, they know how to play cat and mouse with a nervous defense. And their attacking guys are so direct that you just cant give them a chance. Well they got about six and scored 3.