Gerd Lemke Gerry Keaty anonymous Scott Clifford
Lukasz Misiarz Phil Alexander Colin Sablack Anders Rokaas
Sampo Kemila Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Sampo Kemila
  2. Sampo Kemila


Ales, our Slavoj contact and veteran goalie, volunteered in goal for us as we were pretty short. And what a stroke of luck that was. Between him and Kemila, they made scoreline look like the game was a stroll in the park. Ales is actually only in his 30's but back problems restricts the number of serious games he wants to play for the B team squad. Anyway he not only made about 6-10 good saves, but also sweeped up at the back, chased off his line, punched and caught crosses. Just the things most teams take for granted. And what can you say about Kemila's goals. I haven't seen as good a hattrick ever scored by us or against us. 1-0 halftime. Absolute genius! Kemila lobs the keeper from outside the box. I think he even put back spin on it. But of course, his partner in crime up front, Guri, was having a field day dragging Podoli all over the field. Basically, we could just lob the ball into the forwards and let them get on with it. In the meantime we had to repel the opposition. Ostrowski, what a man! He's the hardest defender since the Dennis Appel era. If he could get a few goals with his head as well, then he would be up there in the Partisan hall of fame with Appel himself. But Ostrowski clears everything - man and ball. He has very deceptive speed and reads the game real well. Midfield grafted hard, not least Alexander, acting midfield chief in the absence of Johnson, alongside Seblack. Misiarz did what he does best (minus the sidewalls). So a good platform for the second half - Ales making countless interceptions and saves to keep us in it. And then in the space of 20 minutes the floodgates opened. Kemila with a volley, Kemila with a most amazing headed goal, and Guri on a breakaway. Podoli had no answre to those two. They were linking together really well and Podoli had no asnwer. 4-1 Podoli got back into it and could have had a few goals themselves, missing a penalty, various crosses only needing the merest touch. But we hung on , leaking just the one goal. Great win. Andrew came on for me at half time and did really well and Lemke looked like a real find, playing at LB and later at CB.