Kenny Haig
Till Janzer Colin Sablack anonymous Scott Clifford
Doron Raviv Dan Finlay Laurent Juli Christophe Reichmuth
Jaime Martinez Keith


Scored goals:

  1. Jaime Martinez
  2. Doron Raviv


Well, it had to happen. Partisan had one of its most notable runs in recent memory by going undefeated in 8 out of the last 9 games, but all good things come to an end. A clearly superior Bankovni Balet team served us with a reality check by dominating the field to the tune of 8-3. But first things first. The game started with both sides holding their own on both ends. Partisan even had a couple of early opportunities with decent breakthroughs by the forwards fed by center midfielmen Finlay and Juli. But it didnt take long for B. Balet to assert themselves with two goals in quick succession. We were able to take one back shortly thereafter as Yours Truly was able to lob a ball past their keeper and their defender from about 8 yards out, putting it into their upper right corner. This didnt provide much consolation as B. Balet retained control for most of the remainder of the half, and took two more goals despite solid play by center back Ostrowski. 4-1 at the whistle. The beginning of the second half saw Benson come in for Janzer at right back, and Orr trying to shore up our offense with Martinez going to the right wing and Child taking a breather. The fresh legs were not enough to stop B. Balet from putting in two more in the back of our net, sparking dissension among our back line and leaving the rest of us baffled as to how to stem the tide. The next goal was tallied on our side of the score sheet with Finlay taking credit as his corner shot was inadvertently deflected into the net by one of their defenders. The opposition was not deterred, however, and added two more to their tally just to show us that they could. The final score in this goal extravaganza came as a cross from the left side found Child unmarked and directly in front of their goal, in perfect position to put the ball in the back of the net. Its fair to say he was as surprised as the rest of us. All in all not our best effort, although credit has to go to Bankovni Balet for bringing a strong, well-organized team. We were also hurt by the absence of 2 or 3 regulars who might have helped us keep the match more interesting had they been able to attend. Oh well, at least its character-building. Yeah, thats it