Anton Polishchuk
Till Janzer Colin Sablack anonymous Christophe Reichmuth
Doron Raviv Dan Finlay Bart Burgmans Phil Alexander
Sergey Zhmako Darren Mellis


Scored goals:

  1. Dan Finlay
  2. Sergey Zhmako
  3. Phil Alexander


For the second consecutive week things did not start well for Partisan, who at meeting time and into the beginning of the first half, were unsure about who would actually represent them on the pitch. After a brief consultation with the opposing team, a group of Czechs who clearly had a size advantage over their foreign opponents, and the referee, both teams decided to start with 10 men until re-enforcements arrived for Partisan. Partisan started with the big Ukrainian back in goal after a short leave, two young Americans in central defense, and the German speakers on the outside. Initially Burgmans patrolled the center, with Finlay and Child on the left and right respectively. Phil Alexander showed up about ten minutes in, entered at left wing and gave Partisan more balance across the midfield. The Belarusian and some other guy started up top. The match started slowly with both teams trying to adjust to playing with only ten men. Partisans defense was steady, controlling play and distributing the ball well to allow the midfield to apply pressure with good through balls and flick-ons. After 15 minutes both teams moved up to full strength with the arrival of Alexander. The scoring started in the 29th minute when Finlay, with an aggressive run at the heart of the Dynamo defense, was able to beat two defenders and the keeper, and lob the ball with the outside of his foot into to open net. Partisans head were clearly pointing skyward, as two minutes later Dynamos right-winger controlled the ball and fired a shot from about 27 yards away that Polishchuk was able to only get a finger on as it went into the right corner; 1-1. The rest of the half went scoreless. The defense played well, with Reichmuth and Janzer playing stellar one-on-one defense, taking the ball at will, and the Americans using their size and speed to clean up any dangerous balls. Halftime score 1-1. Discussions at the half concentrated on communication. Partisan felt that they had controlled the match so far, but needed to be more vocal to pull this one out. There were also mixed emotions when it was seen the Dynamo as opened a few beers as part of their halftime ritual. Perhaps the beers were underhanded Czech Football techniques, as the partisan players appeared very envious. One, who will remain anonymous, was quoted as saying This team sucks, next week Im playing for Dynamo! Starting the second half Jerry Lillard came on at left fullback, Reichmuth moved to left wing, and Alexander moved to the right side to give Child a breather. The second half was full of goals. Reichmuth got the scoring started in the 54th minute, when he cut inside to his right, beat one man, and fired a bending 25 yard-shot that gave the keeper no chance. Three minutes later, Zhmako started to implement his newest goal scoring strategy, entitled Look what I found. He neatly chested down a monster shot from Alexander, which came off the bar, and finished it. The route was on. Zhmako punched another one in two minutes later, and three minutes after that Alexander got his first. Zhmako completed his hat trick in the 70th! , to make the score 6-2. Dynamo would not go away. They scored in the 79th minute, during a break away on which Polishchuk made an outstanding first save but was unable to hold the rebound. The break started when Finlay found himself locked into some kind of primal courtship dance with the ball and two defenders. The ball was lost and partisan was not able to get enough men back, as most had moved forward to try to get in on the scoring parade. In the 87th, Alexander stole the ball and chipped the keeper from 30 yards out to put a stamp on the victory. Final score Partisan 7-2 Dynamo. The match was well played. The opponent was competitive, but Partisans skill, organization, and endurance were too much for the big Czechs in the end. With this win, Partisan made a clear statement. It doesnt matter who is on the pitch, the team is playing very well together, and everyone gets involved. As winners of six of their last seven matches, Partisan is a side that is very difficult to beat right now. Man of the Match: Sergej Zhmako (What the hell, give it to him, even though he shouldve had two or three more. Chances are it wont happen again) Honorable Mentions: Janzer and Reichmuth. They took the ball from anyone and everyone. Fantastic defense.