Kenny Haig
Christophe Reichmuth Jerry Lillard Joe Clarke Scott Clifford
Colin Sablack Chris Johnson Dan Finlay Phil Alexander
Sergey Zhmako Simon Orr


Scored goals:

  1. Chris Johnson
  2. Chris Johnson
  3. Keith


The morning started off badly with Johnson receiving three late drop outs. Fortunately, we have a good source of people who can help out at the last minute and to them Johnson is exceedingly thankful. It was great to see Simon Orr pull on the Partisan colours and produce a display of great enthusiasm for someone out of the game for such a long time. Orr also brought his partner in crime, keith ( a non-club member, but who also doesn't seem to have a surname - Ed) , and the two of them were a constant thorn in the Embassys side. More of that later. The game started off with both sides being tentative in their play, trying to suss out the opposing team. Johnson was having one of his slow starts but Finlay was making up for this with some nice runs and precise passes. It was from one of Finlays corners that Johnson managed to direct the ball into the net from a header to put Partisan 1 up. Partisan started to get into the swing of things and were quickly 2 up when our American-rugby-player, Seblack, floated a cross in for Orr to glance into the net. On the half hour Finlay picked the ball up, around the centre circle, looking up saw the run of Johnson and pinged the ball to Johnson, who took the ball on his chest and Johnson, in one movement, volleyed the ball on to the bar in what can only be described as delightful. Johnson, with his tremendous special awareness, followed up to nod the ball into the net for his second and Partisans third. The goal led to Clarke saying that he had never seen such skill and he wished he could have done that even in his day, which was about 15 years ago! By this time Partisan were running riot and Zhmako cooled headed Partisans fourth after another good cross by Seblack. At this stage Orr had taken a rest and let the ever eager keith on to the pitch to get his first taste of Partisan action and, after spending the first 10 minutes trying to run the Tequila out of his body, produced a sublime piece of individual skill. It came from a Haig punt down field. Keith picked the ball up beat one, then two and looked up to curl the ball into the top corner. 5-0. Johnsons team talk was easy as he just told the boys to enjoy the day and remember it for the rest of their lives, especially his piece of individual brilliance. The team thanked Johnson for brining the skill into their dull lives and duly applauded him. The second half started in much the same fashion with Partisan dominating. Orr was chasing a ball through when he pressurised their mean-looking defender to scoring an own goal. Orr was trying his best to claim it but it will go to the dubious goals committee to decide. The game was going well for the defence and it was talked about keeping a second consecutive clean sheet but it was not to be as Clarke pulled back their star man for a free kick. The ball was misjudged by our defence and their star man crept in at the back post to slide one past the advancing Haig. Then another lapse in concentration as the normally reliable Lillard chopped down their star man in our box and a penalty was given, which was converted, although Haig had guessed the right way. Johnson decided that this carelessness was unacceptable and moved himself to the right and Johnson immediately set up Alexander for his first goal, cooling slotting in from 12 yards. The game finished in the same way it started: Johnson sliding the ball past the keeper for his third and Partisans eighth. It was a truly remarkable game and one for Partisan to be very pleased with as they dominated from the word go. It is now 5 wins from 6 games and the team is playing some good football. It will be difficult for Johnson to change the team after this resounding win (except for Orr and keith who are not in the club - Ed) , so people may be disappointed, but then, such is life!!!!