Kenny Haig
Doron Raviv Jerry Lillard anonymous Gerry Keaty
Jaime Martinez Chris Johnson Colin Sablack Endre Szabo
Sergey Zhmako Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Sergey Zhmako


No-one sent in a report, so you get this hastily put together piece instead. And thats cos Im feeling generous. Next time it will just be a team sheet and score. A willing but depleted DHL gave us a good work out. Clifford and Finnlay played for them to make up the numbers. Guri did what he does best - stciking the ball in the net. Even Zhmako got one of his own. Not our best performance but a win's a win. Ill give MOTM to Child as his step up from his previous form was so massive - he got a goal line clearance and some nice crosses first half. Special mention to Johnson who was probably our most energetic and effective player and Szabo and Sablack for tidy work. And Zhmako for running for the whole game.