Anton Polishchuk
Christophe Reichmuth Gerry Keaty anonymous Endre Szabo
Colin Sablack Dan Finlay Armand Guri Jaime Martinez
Sergey Zhmako Lukasz Misiarz


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Armand Guri


The pre-game warm-ups revealed that our opponent on this rainy Sunday afternoon would be generally taller, quicker, and more athletic than us. However, coming off two solid wins our team was beaming with a new found confidence. We started the game with Ostrowski, Keaty, Reichmuth, and Szabo at defense. Finlay and Guri (a.k.a. the enforcer) holding down the middle. Martinez rocked his usually dangerous left wing position, and the reliable Sablack was on the right. Misiarz, fresh of his shocking two goal Partisan scoring debut, got the nod upfront with Zhmako. We started off well. We held formation, played simply and on the ground when possible, and defended as a team. Guri cashed in on an early scoring opportunity with a killer finish to give us the lead. Then the rain came. It really began to poor. After a collision I had with the agitating yet fair Podoli striker which landed both of us on the turf, he turned to me and said Crappy rain, like England. They scored a nice equalizer, which was followed by a defensive turnover leading to the go-ahead goal. We began to lose are form. They beat us with a counter attack down the right side and finished again. Halftime couldnt come quick enough. We are sitting in the hole, down 3 to 1. We could have folded like we have before in similar situations this season. We could have quit working back on defense, start being lazy and holding the ball too much. But we didnt. We came out and took control early in the second half. We scored a nice early goal by Finlay. We held possession well, finding each other with short passes. We trapped them in the midfield, not giving them the opportunity to utilize the counter attack down the side which had brutalized us in the first half. Reichmuth further solidified his position at right back, with calm, silky plays forward, even including his patented behind the leg heal flip thing. Guri had another great finish to even it all up at 3. We were playing well. I began to think we could win this thing if we could just get another quick goal. Well that goal never came. What did come was a furry of substitutes bringing fresh skillful players back on to the pitch. This was no drunken stag party team recovering from a hellacious night on the town. This team knew how to spread the field out and find holes in our midfield and defense. We grew tired. They regained the lead yet again on a counter attack. We tried to stay on the offensive despite the seemingly inevitable loss, much like the Germans in the battle of the bulge. Zhmako almost equalized with a nice shot only to be called offside. They used the offside trap effectively, something we could do a little better. A fifth goal by Podoli successfully sealed our fate. Notes: We shouldnt hang our heads for this loss. Yes we can improve. Yes they scored five goals, you generally dont win games when the other team lights you up five times. We did play hard and aggressive for the most part. There were spells where we would have even looked like the superior squad to a random dude watching. Lets keep improving!