Sylvain Chalieux
Christophe Reichmuth Jerry Lillard anonymous Grant
Dan Finlay Chris Johnson Colin Sablack Jaime Martinez
Sergey Zhmako Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Lukasz Misiarz


Nice pitch, hot weather. Young Partisan team selected. A clean 4-4-2 formation with simple pre-game strategy of 1:1 position out-performing. 1st goal by DZ, fairly early on in the match & helped warrant some action from both sides. 2nd goal by Armand, dribbled from the far left of the box to the middle and a clean/low shot past the keeper to the left corner of net. Free kick by Chris just outside the box whistled over the bar. 3rd goal by DZ. Accurate boot from the keeper to their key striker who neatly collected the ball over his head, outpaced the defence & produced a well-practiced finish. Some direct runs by Chris with give + go passes with Daniel opened up some more attacking opportunities. Half-time 2 :1 (liquid top-up and substitute planning) Solid re-start by Partisan & good wide play into space by the winger Jaime. Substitutes (Endre & Lukas) for Grant & an injured Chris. 4th goal by Armand. Indirect free kick off a controversial DZ keeper back pass, blasted into a fully-loaded onion bag from 8yrds out with a small roll-back touch from Daniel. 5th goal by Lukas. Held off 2 defenders on the edge of the box & with the ball knocking around between them he made a nice side step touch followed with a hard hit past the keeper into the net. DZ starting to look a little tired and slowing & Partisan comfortably attacking and holding possession. 6th goal by Lukas. Long corner by Endre over the goal mouth mob & picked up by Daniel with a reply back-post chip to a well prepared Lukas to head it into the net. Some nice possession defending by partisan with well placed headers & 1-2s with each other to play out any through-ball pressure consisting of combinations between Matt & Jerry in the center and Endre & Christoph on either side. 7th goal by DZ. Hard pushed dribble down to the left corner & brought in for a low ball across the goal mouth & hit home from the 6yrd box for a well-paced finish leaving little chance for Silvan. Aggressive cheap-shots by Center-Back Matt resulted in a holding brawl including an Albanion choke hold being employed to the disgruntled DZ player who vowed to meet Matt after the match to Get-it. Referee decided it was enough, checked his watch & blew the final whistle to end it. Hand-shakes off the field & drinks in the pub. Notes: DZ had 3 shots & 3 goals A double-digit number of clearances were cleared out of the grounds. Silvan celebrated his final game with Partisan for now with a victory & vowed to attempt a French team fixture for Partisan in the future. DZ had a player that spoke no language anybody new of & understood his position placement though telling him the name of a professional who plays the same. All in all, a good performance by Partisan under new Captain reign of Chris & above all a turn around enjoyable match.