Anton Polishchuk
Till Janzer Jerry Lillard anonymous Gerry Keaty
Doron Raviv Chris Johnson Colin Sablack Jaime Martinez
Sergey Zhmako Lukasz Misiarz


Scored goals:

  1. Jaime Martinez
  2. Anders Rokaas


Opposition: Russians living in Prague. Partisan: Similar shape with surprising choice by Johnson of Sablack, in midfield, and Anders Rokaas our skillful new Swede in the subs. Lillard teamed up with Ostrowski in the centre of defence for the first time, with Misiarz reprising his, so far, invisible, role as a forward. The Russians were no pushover. The majority of their team were ball players in the best sense. Good passing, MOVEMENT, and dribbling. Partisan contributed nerves and dissarray. Midfield was like a black hole for the first half, Russians doing what they liked. First goal was from a defence splitting pass, between Keaty and Lillard. Passer with about 10 seconds to choose his options. 0-1. Partisan hit back with a speculative lob from Martinez. Goalkeeper made a mess. 1-1. Russians hit back with another through ball after rolling us over on the wings. 1-2. No time to waste so Rokaas was brought on in place of Misiarz up front. Despite trying to feed him at every opportunity, he hardly got a chance to escape. Luckily, Russian goalie messed up another standard save from a Zhmako shot. 2-2. And finally, as a deserving reward for their play, Russians took the lead again. Corner kick, allowed pass through into the box, midfielder runs on to it. Tap in. 2-3. And that scoreline flattered us. Although midfield was trying hard, they were coming up way short. Crosses well over the end line, not intelligent enough to track back (Q. How many times have I written that about this team? A. Hundreds), hogging the ball when a pass would billions of times more effective. It didn't help that Johnson was having an odd game and then went off for the last 20 mins with a split boot. One man who led the way was Ostrowski, having an absolute stormer, despite the scoreline. The second half was a completely different game. We played well, fought hard, didn't give an inch, and were fairly well organised*. Rokaas went to left midfield, his preferred position. Martinez went up front. After one minute Rokaas had scored on the left, cutting inside onto his right and firing low and hard. 3-3. Johnson started to dominate, tackling and spraying passes everywhere. Defence cemented its position, with Janzer cutting off more than a few counter attacks, supported by Ostrowski. We finally got our hard earned win with another speculative shot from Martinez that sailed magically into the top corner from 40 yards. Our best win for a year or more. Lucky, its true. But I think we played well against a team that had a bit more class than us. *Just a question mark about who was playing up front for the last 20 minutes with Zhmako because we had no-one to aim at.