Anton Polishchuk
Till Janzer Joe Clarke anonymous Gerry Keaty
Christophe Reichmuth Gonzalo Nunez Bart Burgmans Nuno Rodrigues
Sergey Zhmako Jaime Martinez


Scored goals:

  1. Sergey Zhmako


Another touring team, still suffering a bit from the night before and the cheap Czech beer. Last year these teams were coming to Prague to get beaten by us (mostly). This year its all different, as you might have noticed. Even their hangovers are not enough of an advantage for us. At least, this time we started out brightly. Several times we won the ball in midfield, not letting them attack us. But we weren't as good going forward. But we did take one of our chances - Zhmako accepted a straight pass and after a convincing run on goal, he put it away. 1-0. Wake Green seemed to be still half asleep. Or at least, they were shocked. We then pushed on for a second goal. At this point it's worth mentioning the referee's strange ways. This elderly man with a one-tooth-smile wasnt moving more than 20 metres from the middle. How can he have seen so many offside positions against us (Sergey told me after the game that the half of them were wrong decisions)? Wake Green made some decisive changes to its team up in front (bringing on some yoiung guys for veterans). But still their first goal came from our long-time problem - marking players at standard attacking situations. After a good run and cross one of their smaller guys headed it in a very unnecessary goal. Anyway, we got more and more vulnerable in defence. Their second goal seemed to be only a question of time and it came just before halftime. 1-2. The second half saw us starting out aggressivly. Even their third goal, a cross that surprised Anton didnt destroy our team spirit. Zhmako answered with his second goal (a typical straight run on goal from a through ball -Ed) and then Jaime had a big chance to get a draw. But his kick from inside the box went straight on their goalkeeper and just wide. The opposition waited for counterattacks and kept their team fresh by rotating. We were getting tired with only one sub. In the end one of their smaller strikers made two marvellous shots the second one in Gerd-Mueller fashion from inside the box, taking the ball volley while urning around me and putting out his ass to keep me away. Final score: 2-5 There are two things Id like to mention. Besides the thousands of offside positions that went against us, why werent we springing the offisde as well? I remember that last year we were playing that successfully. Another thing: Why do we always kick the ball from the goal? In that game their midfielders were returning all the aerial balls. Sometimes we simply should, in my opinion, pass from the goalkeeper to one of the defenders. This might surprise them!