Anton Polishchuk
Gerry Keaty Joe Clarke anonymous Jerry Lillard
Mark Matthews Chris Johnson Christophe Reichmuth Jaime Martinez
Sergey Zhmako Lukasz Misiarz


Scored goals:


This was our heaviest defeat since August 21, 2005 when we lost 7-1 to Bankovni Balet. This was different though, as Balet were a class apart on that occasion. Elvesham on the other hand were a team of mixed abilities, like ourselves. No excuses; we were shit and Elvesham were not. Partisan were outplayed in every department and, scoring opportunities.I wish. Elvesham were committed, passed fluently and with accuracy and took advantage of every mistake we made. And as a an added extra we made them look like heroes. They lapped up all the goal kickouts without even a hint of a challenge. Apart from Johnson and maybe Ostrowski, Clarke, Lillard and Matthews we should all be dropped for the next game As for the match, is there any point in a description? Im just going to list a few facts instead. - Dan Finlay was the ref. He didn't do us many favours. - We started well - Reichmuth and Martinez down the left causing lots of damage. Final delivery always disappointing. - Janzer replaced me after 30 mins. At this point we were only 1-0 down but Till was still trying to get his bearings and we lost another one straight away. - They scored their 4 first half goals in a space of about 10 minutes. - There are about 3 of our squad who know how to take a throw in! - One goal came from the fact that we let them play a short corner with no one within 20 metres of them. - Another goal from a similar mistake - a free kick and one player left completley unmarked to the side of the wall. I was on the sideline at this stage and both teams sets of subs could see it coming a mile away. - We were never going to score a goal (does anybody know the reason why we can't score this year? Sure we have put some unnatural forwards up front this year but there is always one "natural"). - The last goal was a typical Partisan gift - high bouncing ball lands between defence and goalkeeper. Headed by forward over the goalkeeper's stretching arms.