Chris Johnson
Scott Clifford anonymous Dennis Appel Jerry Lillard
Doron Raviv Daniel Jerabek Bart Burgmans Sergey Zhmako
Christophe Reichmuth Sylvain Chalieux


Scored goals:


A real hope of a victory today over the touring Slayer FC veterans team. I mean you picture an image of old, fat men who cant kick the ball, but manage to get a large lump of your tibia. Needless to say, our hearts sank when we saw the warm up - Ive said before that you can tell a lot from the warm up and we saw what looked like some middle-aged men and some 20 year olds lashing the ball into the back of the net like a younger Chris Johnson!!! The first half was drab affair. Both sides were more concerned about their fading hair styles in the torrential rain rather than Total Football Keaty had tried to advise us on. The most exciting part of the first half was the swapping of keepers (Johnson, Clifford, Lillard and Jerabek for 10 mins each Ed). And the expertly judged skills of Lillard, who seemed to know that by letting a cross go over his head, the on-coming striker would use his hand to score a disallowed goal well done sir!! Partisan had a lucky escape. Its only fair to mention big Denis Appel in his last game. Id like to say what a delight its been to carry him for the last 6 games we have played together!. But seriously, Appel was giving it his normal 100% commitment but unfortunately, so was their star striker, who managed to nearly take Deniss pride and joy out of play for a long time, if you get my meaning!! Towards the end of the first half Partisan were having their best spell in the game with Johnson and Zhmako going close. The half time whistle went much to the relief of the travelling team. The second half saw the emergence of our two secret weapons: Janzer and Misiarz. The visitors took their time weighing up the powers of this deadly duo. But before we knew it, Partisan were 2 goals down and lucky not to be three but for the ref not seeing the ball clearly crossing the line. Partisan regrouped and started to get more chances (Johnson went up front to hold up the play, sorry, the ball, and Burgmans was inspired, as only he can when hes angry - Ed). Time was against us though. And as we trudged off the pitch the infamous what might have beens started off. All I know is that if they score more than you, then you lose (wise words Ed). Enough of this inspiration I hear you say. Well on that note its goodbye from me and its been lovely speaking with you.