Anton Polishchuk
Sergey Zhmako Martin Shields anonymous Gerry Keaty
Doron Raviv Andreas Kolenc Daniel Jerabek Christophe Reichmuth
Sylvain Chalieux Till Janzer


Scored goals:

  1. Andreas Kolenc
  2. Sergey Zhmako
  3. Martin Shields


Opposition: Half-term rock bands from UK on cultural echange - expecting to get a beating. Home side: Chance to make a few changes and experiment without fear of losing. So long standing Partisans, Janzer and Chalieux started as twin strikers. Maybe a first goal ever for one of them?. A few new faces: Andreas Kolenc, the first Austrian to don the Partisan strip, started in central midfield alongside Daniel Jerabek playing his second game for us. Lukasz Misiarz, our Polish debutant, started on the bench. We had all the ball first half. Many many attacks, through balls and crosses somehow not yielding a goal. When Kolenc did open the scoring,finally after half an hour, I expected a flood of goals. It didn't come. Partly because the opposition goalie, the "flying doughnut" saved about 5 certain goals, and partly because we weren't clever enough. But 2 more before the break - Zhmako on a long burst run from the centre and lovely chip over the goalie and a header for Chalieux promised a good few goals in the second half. The opposition played far better second half and deserved their late goal when our defenders went AWOL and weren't there to help when needed. Matt Ostrowski should be exhonerated as he was as safe as a house in defence. In the meantime we had already made it 5-0 after a deflected goal from a free kick and another from a free passing move. 5-1 final score. Points of note: 1. The referee blew his whistle 2 times in 90 minutes. that's surely a record. Even for a meaningless friendly game. 2. It had something to do with his being rather (meaning, very very) fat and unfit and lacking the necessary lung power. 3. Till Janzer was denied his first ever goal when the referee disallowed the advantage, and blew his whistle for a foul. 4. The referee pulled his hamstring in a world record time... he claims it was about 3 minutes into the game. 5. He spent the other 87 minutes standing on the edge of Bridgwater's penalty area. 6. When the ball went over the end line, whichever team grabbed the ball first either got their corner or kickout. Farcical. 7. Ten minutes of Anton playing outfield was his first and last ever. I think that is unanimous. 8. Poor old Lukasz scored a wonderful goal from a powerful shot by cutting in on the left. Unfortunately it was the one and only offside decision the referee made. 9. As far as he was concerned, and I don't blame him, he went on celebrating for another 5 minutes. 10. My favourite astroturf has improved. Did you see the patches of leftover carpet they used to cover the craters in the pitch? We used to have to think twice as to whether a midfielder literally had gone missing 11. Those people at Suchdol!! Cancelling the pitch on Friday lunchtime when we are expecting to play Sunday! Since then I'm on first name terms with the groundsmen of about 40 football clubs in the Prague area. 12. I have a lovely grass pitch in mind that might just replace Suchdol as our home before the end of Spring. Fingers crossed. 13. Someone else volunteer for report writing next time.