Anton Polishchuk
Till Janzer Gerry Keaty Dennis Appel Mark Matthews
Jerry Lillard Josh Campbell Bart Burgmans Doron Raviv
Christophe Reichmuth anonymous


Scored goals:

  1. Christophe Reichmuth


Part two of our Winter Prague derby games. This time our bitter rivals Dynamo Zizkov. Three changes from the last game. This time Shields was away, Zhmako got hurt on Thursday night and Chalieux didn't turn up at the pitch. So Polischuk was back in goal, Child back at right midfield, and Janzer in defence. Szabo made the bench. Despite my efforts to cancel the match - 3 cm of snowfall overnight was as good a reason as any - Child and the opposition persisted and in the end they were right. The pitch had been cleared of snow. In many cases the game would still have been called off, but our games aren't normal matches. There was still many patches of icy ground, and in other places it was downright slippy. And a hard as rock ground was waiting if you did fall to earth. So you couldn't make ground tackles for fear of hurting yourself or the opposition. One of the results was Janzer coming off with concussion at half time after hitting his head on the ground. To counteract the usually young and skillful Zizkov, we played Ostrowski up front and Matthews at the back. Ostrowski's role was mto chase the back line for 90 minutes and Matthews was to sweep up behind our creaking back line if needed. We played well most of the game. The movement of the forwards was better than in the last game, Reichmuth always available and Ostrowski always frist to a long ball. Campbell justified his selection in midfield by being composed , and almost getting a goal of his own after 10 minutes. There's no doubt Zizkov were there to be taken - their touch in defence was off, and as long as we kept close to their creative midfield guy and one quick striker, then we had a chance. All round the field, players were really solid - Janzer, Matthrews, Child, Lillard. Then of course we had to ship an easy goal. A free kick from the edge of the box, up and over the wall, past Polishchuk. No sooner had that happened, than Keaty made an absolute goulash of a pass from Campbell. The previously mentioned striker came at him like a train, nipped the ball, ran into the box, aand clipped it over Polishchuk from the left hand post into the right hand corner of the net from the end line. Cardinal sin #1 - losing the ball in defence. But its suicidal when you play a team like Zizkov. Polischuk made a few lovely saves to keep us in the game, and their own keeper dropped a couple of crosses and almost led to a goal for us. 2-0 at half time. Lillard moved back to left back to make way for Szabo. Chances galore in the second half - nice shots from Lillard, an open goal from Burgmans who was expecting a penalty after Ostrowski was man-handled, Matthews with a couple of attempts, a cross bar from Burgmans(?). One of those attempts, by Reichmuth from 30 yards, dipped in and over the keeper. 1-2. Game on! Although the chances kept coming, we couldn't convert. Szabo was making a lot of trouble down the left but the final pass never made it. On the other hand, Zizkov were inches away from scoring a third on many occassions - either Appel or Polischuk coming to the rescue. And the longer the game went on the more their midfield fed the quick striker - Burgmans and Campbell running out of steam. A bad penalty decision was given against Keaty to really make his day complete - he forgot that physical contact (a shoulder to shoulder charge) is almost criminal in the Czech game. Fortunately penalty sailed over the bar. The final 10 minutes of the game almost brought all the aggression to the boil. I was surprised at how nasty Zizkov were in some of their challenges considering the conditions we played in. Despite the final result we can be fairly happy with how we played against a very good team. I think we were a little unlucky and deserved at least a draw. Hopefully for some of the new boys it was a good experience and we can play even better next time.