Anton Polishchuk
Dennis Appel Gerry Keaty Chris Johnson Bart Burgmans
Endre Szabo Felipe Martinez Jaime Martinez Doron Raviv
Andy Shields Martin Shields


Scored goals:

  1. Andy Shields
  2. Martin Shields
  3. Chris Johnson


Another Medics game, another win. They're more solid mind, and didn't deserve to go away without a goal of their own. In fact we played at times incredibly badly, yours truly being one of the main culprits with sliced clearances, mistimed jumps, rubbish passes etc etc. But all round the pitch we undeperformed. However its true we did start with an experimental lineup, and without any subs due to late withdrawals from Haig and Finlay. Can't remember now, but I think Till might have had another night sleepwalking around his part on Nusle, ending his chances of playing in the morning. So a last minute draft of Martin Shields and his brother over visiting him wasn't exactly the best way to organise the team, but at leat the two lads are quality. Despite all the chances, and a missed penalty from our our new midfield workhorse, sorry, free-scoring striker, Shields, it was his brother who got us off the mark after about 30 minutes with a header from a Child corner. He also got on the end of a Appel clearance and tucked his second away. His younger brother also got awaay from a Polishchuk kickout to score. Half time 3-0. Could have been better, especially with all the encouragement we got from Old man Shields on the sideline. A nip of scotch from his hip flask at half-time kept us warm. We rearranged things for the second half, expecting an easy ride. Szabo and Burgmans switched positions, as did Andy Shields and Johnson. A real sloppy 45 minutes yeielded Johnson's first two goals for the club. However it took him so many chances to score that he was quickly dubbed Pragues's answer to Liverpool FC's Peter Crouch. Whenever the weather warms up, we can look forward to tough games against Zizkov, IFC and Czech outfits, who will destroy be looking forward to it, if this performance is anything to go by. Felipe was a deserving man of the match for his outstanding passing and hard work. A bg loss to the team as this was his last game for the club.