Anton Polishchuk
Doron Raviv Gerry Keaty Chris Johnson Scott Clifford
Jaime Martinez Martin Shields Bart Burgmans Felipe Martinez
Sergey Zhmako Mark Byrne


Scored goals:

  1. Mark Byrne
  2. Mark Byrne
  3. Jaime Martinez


Our first match against DHL ended 2-2 earlier this year. A solid, well organised, if unspectacular team that had capitalised on some sloppy play by us to earn a draw. This was our chance to get the win we felt we deserved, but with our only sub struck down by a bout of get this insomnia, we were down to the bare 11, with our work cut out. Who wouldve thought it would be so straighforward? Opting to build from the back, we had a defensive four of Keaty, Johnson, Clifford and Child sitting up the pitch to keep the DHL forwards at bay and give Polishchuk time to compose his limbs if required. Ahead of that it was a structured free-for-all, with the Martinez brothers taking a wing each and supposedly given freedom to roam, or so they believed. Central midfield was manned by the comedy duo of compact total football dynamo Burgmans and 7-foot Scottish debut boy Martin Socrates Shields. This left Byrne and Zhmako to zip around and cause problems up front. The opening exchanges were cagey, but Johnson was hoovering up everything at the back. Child, unaccustomed to being tethered at right back, was roving up and down the wing and sending in a few crosses, while Martinez Jr drifted into the middle, working well with Shields and Burgmans. And it was that combination that created the first goal, Martinez Jr lofting a ball into the area that Byrne did his best to skew wide, but somehow managed to bundle into the bottom right hand corner. Partisan survived a scare not long after when a ball over the top was chased by a DHL player who got behind Johnson and headed the ball over the advancing Polishchuk. Polishchuk was left stranded looking back at the ball bouncing fortunately once in front of goal and right over the bar. So we hung on to our lead only due to a firm pitch. In the second half DHL started returning some of our deliveries; with no subs we were tiring a little, and it needed some good defensive work. Clifford, up against his workmates, was having a game that belied his waistline at back left, while Child, exhausted after running the wing for the first half, was happy to sit back and take whatever came his way. Midfield and attack were still goal-hungry however, and having weathered the storm we undid DHLs sloppy defence again, this time battling Burgmans setting Byrne up for 3-0. That goal seemed to take the last of the fight out of our opposition (bar a few ill-tempered tackles) and signaled the start of a Partisan goal-fest, with Shields hitting both the crossbar and the post and Martinez Sr on hand both times to take the rebounds. 5-0. There were two more to come, one a Byrne effort to complete his hattrick, and Martinez Sr. getting his hattrick from yet another loose ball, the jammy poacher (at least hes a jammy Partisan poacher, so well let him off with that). At the final whistle went, and we all trooped off happily; DHL may have fielded a weaker side than our previous encounter, but it couldnt really take away from an organised and committed Partisan performance. The only sour note at the end was the continuation of Shields bad shoe day, as some light-fingered scally made off with his size 11s from outside the changing room be warned for all future matches at Suchdol.