Anton Polishchuk
Dan Finlay Mark Byrne Dennis Appel Milan Perazich
Doron Raviv Gerry Keaty Endre Szabo John Macey
Simon Orr Darren Mellis


Scored goals:

  1. Jaime Martinez
  2. Milan Perazich


Game 3. Of course it had to be a showdown with our cocky cross-city rivals, Zizkov, who beat us already 6-0 earlier in the year. Time for a bit of an upset? I should coco. Although, with Byrne claiming his leg was only good for standing on now, and being well beaten by RAF, I felt we had a chance but a slim one. Orr asked to play from the start, so Martinez was sacraficed. Mellis remained due to the need to launch long balls. Zizkov are usually dangerous on the break (as I found out to my own shame last time out against them) and it didn't take long to prove that point. Their lightening fast striker, picked up a ball out on the right, in our third of the field. He managed to beat Perazich to the ball, turned Appel and shot from 15 yards. Polishchuk was already going the other way, so he had no chance. That was about 8 minutes in. 0-1. However we kept at it, not letting them settle. I knew that if we just kept at it we could take advantage of their weak back line. However it took a top class tactical switch to get us back in the game - Keaty hauled himself off after running himself to a standstill. Martinez on. Within 60 seconds we were level, Martinez himself heading in a Macey cross. Lads, thats why I'm team manager - because my tactics can change the course of a game in an instant. 1-1. And not only that, he added a second goal within another 5 minutes. Orr rolled him a ball just outside the area, dead straight in front of goal. His shot, was accurate rather than strong, hit the inside of the post and then the onion bag. Half-time 2-1. In the second half, Zizkov visibly tired. Appel and Byrne did a great job shackling their number 9. Macey was putting himself about in midfield. Hickinbotham and Child working hard. However a speculative shot was allowed by Polishchuk under his body. 2-2. It was left for Perazich to make his pace up front count. And he certainly did. Orr made use of acres of space down the left to carve an opeing for Perazich to basically tap in. But as they say, the best strikers should always get a few of those goals. And it made a change to see Simon "Man of the match" Orr, making goals for others rather than scoring. But he is still months away from fitness - what an asset he's going to be then. 3-2. The game was definitely not dead. Where was the meltdown? It could have arrived in the shape of number 9, who straight from the kickoff took on took on Keaty, went past him, and kept going straight into the area. But Grigorov made a slide rule tackle taking the ball away from his toe, right in the penalty area. Where the hell did he pull that one out of? Franco Baresi at his best. And believe me number 9 was about to shoot and if he had there's no knowing what would have happened. Instead we wrapped up the game with another breakway goal from Perazich, from a lovely pass by Finlay. 4-2 and the final whistle. A slight smile was seen to crease the manager's face....feck that! Keaty was high-fiving everyone in sight, pumping arms, hugging Byrne. Delighted with Martinez's performance, the Joe Cole of Partisan Prague set up. A great win, and I don't care if we lose the rest of our games this year now.