Andreas Colantoni
Sylvain Chalieux Gerry Keaty Scarselli Till Janzer
Mark Andress Josh Campbell Quentin Ring Barton
David Canek Jarda Berger


Scored goals:


Game 2: Moldava Cup. A 30 minutes break and we were back on against Star Boys from Slovakia. Our confidence was high. Felt we could get a win after our performance in the first game. And with such a solid keeper, then anything was possible. Only one change from the first game - Andress moved back to right midfield and Canek went up front to partner Berger. There was loads of space there in the first game, and maybe Andress could make more of it than Canek. Unfortunately our central midfield pairing had faded dramatically. Rather than pace themselves, they gave their all in the first game. When going backwards the tackles were being missed and when trying to put pressure on them we were missing some drive and support play. Link play was as rare as snow in summer. Nevertheless we had our chances in the first half. A loose ball in the box dropped kindly for there of our players. With oodles of space they completely left it for the defence to clear. Canek the main culprit. All it needed was one boot to connect for a certain goal. On another occasion the ball went down the left, and at the same time Chalieux made a marvelous run from right back. The ball was actually swung in and it came his way. Without breaking his stride, he tried to volley. OK, it was an air shot but if he had made contact, from 15 meters out, it could have been a screamer. There were a few other scuffed shots wide of the target. The sweeper system was working better now, and between Keaty and Scarselli, every ball seemed to be landing at their feet. And although Star Boys swept past them in one early move, Colantni was there again to keep it out. Half time 0-0. The second half was mostly one wave traffic. Star Boys defence were more solid and it gave them a good platform to set up attacks. An early strike made it 1-0 and the heads started to go down. In our heads we had already lost. We made few attacks as we spent the game chasing them. Colantoni was forced to make a couple more top-drawer saves. One tip over from a one on one was straight from the text-book. The second goal involved some nice one twos. Ball watching instead of man watching allowed them to close in on goal and give Colantoni no chance. Two games, two narrow defeats. You had to feel sorry for our keeper who did his utmost to keep the scores respectable. I think he was the most hurt that we didn't get a draw. We had 3 hours to re-group, get ready, and move to the next village for the last two games. Our opponents were Westfields from the UK and one Belgian/Moroccan hybrid. We had already seen these two teams battle a 1-1 draw. In fact there was an amazing punch up involving at least 15 players close to the end of their game. Over lunch we discussed our chances. In the end we called it quits and went for an afternoon 4 a side. This decision was based on the fact that they were two skillful, very aggressive teams. In addition we were down to 8 players plus two friends of Scarselli who were on their way. Berger went to his school reunion, Colantoni to another game, and Scarselli had already explained that he could only play the morning games. Campbell's charm couldn't persuade Karlsson to make it. So everything considered, we probably kept the 2003/03 goal difference a lot healthier than if we had participated further.