Anton Polishchuk
Dan Finlay Bart Burgmans Dennis Appel Milan Perazich
Doron Raviv Gerry Keaty Endre Szabo Mark Matthews
Sergey Zhmako Darren Mellis


Scored goals:

  1. Doron Raviv


Our season doesn't get any better. Once again the rain absolutely doused us, and once again we started off well. If only we could bottle our first 15 minutes of every game, and release it whenever we start caving in. Eh? This was our first time to play these boys, these lapdogs of the corporate banking world who can play a bit (note to self: copyright that phrase). But it won't be our last time to play them as they are keen to play us a few times a year. The Balet might have a fairy name, but they are one of the biggest and fittest teams we've played in a while. In an attempt to develop a little more robustness ourselves, Appel and Burgmans took the lead in picking the team this week. So the defence was consolidated with the addition of Finlay at right back, Perizach at left back, and Burgmans in the centre with Appel. Janzer on the bench and Matthews recalled to wide duties. And lo and behold, we played really well first half despite their superior fitness and strength. Sure enough, Anton made a string of dazzling saves, but we never panicked with the ball, as we usually do. Although midfield was lacking its usual leadership, defence was able to bypass us, and launch direct attacks. Mellis and Szabo got plenty of ball to run on to, but led to nothing. Szabo was busy running at them whenever he got a chance and even conjured up a few shots on goal. Their goal came from a superb run from their left midfielder, finished with an unstoppable shot.Heads down, but we kept battling, with a little niggle creeping into our own play. But then we scored the feeblest of goals, just when they were threatening to run away with the game. Corner floated in, Keaty heads it into the box, Child and Mellis stare for an eternity at the stationary ball at their feet. Child then decides to touch it. By some miracle it dribbled over the line at -0.00001 KMPH. Even the goalie looked at it for a full 2 seconds crossing the line at the speed of sound reversed.....which at that speed means he watched it for 660 years in a dog's life. Thats how bad the goal was. But anyway, we weren't complaining. Child got his season's tally off the mark, just in time for Christmas. And we were back in the game. 1-1 halftime. The second half is a blank for me, like a victim of a brutal crime whose mind involuntarily shuts off painful memories. Every time they came into our half, they scored. 6, to our none. Gave away another penalty. Through the hazy memories there are flickers. Zhmako failing to control a cross while all alone in their penalty box with the score at 1-4. I think we knew it wasn't going to be our day. Janzer swiping at the ball. Appel burying a striker into the ground Best bits: The excellent referee. For a change. And Szabo's champagne in the dressing room afterwards.