Nick Grigorov
Till Janzer Gerry Keaty Dennis Appel Jaime Martinez
Doron Raviv Dan Finlay Bart Burgmans Endre Szabo
Johan Karlsson Darren Mellis


Scored goals:


Not much to say really. They got an early goal, from a corner. Another from a dodgy penalty decision. And another a deflected free kick. Not that we didn't battle though. Rain came down like Ive never seen in my life, 10 seconds after the first half kick off. My jersey became a miracle of science after about 2 minutes of this - it had turned from a nice light polyester thing into something roughly as hevy as medieval jousting armour. My movements were slow before the kick they were impenetrable almost to the naked eye. Funny enough I didn't get caught out during this time - partly because Appel was having one of those days - biting ankles, heading clear, always first to the ball. He was unlucky to give away the penalty, but many refs wouldn't have given it (more about the ref later). Grigorov amost saved the penalty by the way. We actually outplayed the opposition in the first 10-15 minutes. Nice passing, people looking for the ball. More crosses than you would spot at a Roman Catholic mass. No goals though - a few speculative shots, but none to take the bull by the horns. Half-time: 0-3 We went belly-up second half. Their one good player, playing deep in midfield, kept sending the ball over the top. It worked on a couple of occasions, one when I ost my footing. Can't remember much of the others except one lobbed goal had me racing back, last man, only to head into my own goal. Final sore: 0-7 But what is it about these village teams and their goddamn referees? To say I was angry with that prick is an understatement. What exactly does he think he's achieving by favouring the local team and acting towards us like he's our fucking lord and master? The players stayed around to socialise and they are a fairly decent bunch. But if they came to Prague and we brought a ref that gave that sort of performance, they'd probably walk off. Don't know about you folks, but I won't be going back there to play football again. Having second thoughts about any village in fact.