Anton Polishchuk
Sylvain Chalieux Richard James Michael Ripley Nick Grigorov
Till Janzer Gerry Keaty Bart Burgmans Jaime Martinez
Sergey Zhmako Endre Szabo


Scored goals:

  1. Endre Szabo
  2. Endre Szabo
  3. Gerry Keaty


Quick follow up to the poor Trencin game allowed us the comfort of playing a stag night team over from Scotland. Billing themseleves as "really crap", but they chased us all the way - the difference between the teams was Endre Szabo's perfect lobs. The game was special in being James' last game for the club. He leaves at the end of July. His big wish was to get one more goal in order to win a bet against the departed Ansell. Apparantly he bet that he would score as many goals as Ansell this year. So it didn't help that James started at centre back. One of the reason being that it was another special day for another player- Dennis Appel was getting married that afternnon and obviously wouldn't be playing that morning. A few other changes allowed Chalieux to play corner back again, Grigorov was rewarded with a left back spot for kindly playing goalkeeper in Trencin. And Janzer started out of the corner for the first time ever based on the effective 20 minutes he had as a wide midfielder in Trencin. Finally, Szabo was back again and being tried up front. Also I brought 2 extra players, Perizach and Loubov to help out the other team. They played on and off during both halves for the opposition A very open game. Good defending on both sides - especially Chalieux- who was heading out of defence and also to my amazement talking about offside during the game, James and Ripley too in centre back. Grigorov was very solid too, and as usual Zhmako was running all over the place. This nicely allowed Szabo to play like a second left midfielder. I say nice, because he got our first and second goals from out there. Deft lobs of the goal keeper from 30 metres. Almost carbon copies of each other. In betweeen they got an equaliser to make it 1-1. Anyway, halftime 2-1. Chip Medallion were no "walkover" and they could easily have got a draw out of this game. They had some nice players in midfield, but were lacking something in defence. Our organisation wasn't the best as the half time discussion went. Szabo hadn't told anyone he had dropped back to left midfield, not even the left midfielder Martinez. Well, at half time he found out and agreed to play up front. Also Janzer was not living up to his high standards from trencin and Grigorov swapped positions with him at the restart. And the effect was quite noticeable from that moment. He made some nice tackles and some good runs and link play. After a lot of huffing ad puffing, it took that man again, Szabo to increase the lead. A lovely flighted free kick inover the keeper's head again. 3-1. Chip Medallion came back though and scored a second as all our midfield hade gne missing on an attack. 3-2 But we started to get lots more chances and Martinez tucked one home from a few metres out and Keaty got a late long range goal from a nice Chalieux pass. 5-2. James was given the last 15 minutes up fron to try to get his goal, but to no avail.