Nick Grigorov
Michael Ripley Gerry Keaty Dennis Appel Till Janzer
Doron Raviv Dan Finlay Bart Burgmans Mark Matthews
Jon Lemelman Darren Mellis


Scored goals:

  1. Darren Mellis


Trencin, Slovakia. Our first foreign trip ever. OK, not so foreign, but whatever. I'm writing this. You just read. Lets get the rant outta the way first. Quite a few people let us down on this trip. Not that they didnt come - just they tell one week before that they can't. Fine, people. Trencin: Great place. Lovely castle. One sqaure mile of the finest medieval old town atmosphere you can buy, including ubiquitous cobblestones, top bars and restaurants. The football: Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we shit? 2-2 wasn't a bad result, except for the fact that the opposition were a hastily arranged team of ex-footballers so "ex" that when they last played, big bushy perms and handlebar moustaches were all the rage in the English First Division. Yes, its safe to say that apart from 3 of their players, these guys were old enough to remember when pop groups wore matching suits and had short back and sides. The excuses: The sun was beating down, it was witheringly hot, and the game was played by both sides especially ours at a very slow tempo. It didnt help that we had a very new formation - Lemelman getting all his dreams come true by playing up front, and getting the chance to prove what his size 2s can do in front of goal,Nick Grigorov thankfully volunteered to play goal, and Matthews was back just for the one guest appearance. New guy Milan Perizach and on the way to recovery Simon Goldenboots Orr came as back up. We were also not helped by agreeing with the opposition to play a non-tackling game. Action: Both sides had chances. Plenty of good stuff up our left flank by Matthews, combining with midfield. Mellis had a good header, but also sqaundered good positions, and Child a few nice crosses and a few bad ones. It was left to Keaty, to surprise everyone including himself to run up the left, cut back around the byline, and spear a pass to Finlay calling for it on the opposite side of the box. A rocket of a shot by Fancy Dan was parried only for Mellis to very nicely volley into the net from waist high. 1-0. Trencin came at us as they had always been doing - playing with an extra man in midfield, passing nicely and shooting without luck from outside the area. Appel and Grigorov were keeping them out almost single handedly. Although I dont forget that Burgmans, Finlay, and Child, and occasionally Matthews, got back on numerous occasions. Janzer and Ripley were excellent as usual. The comeback: Orr replaced Lemelman and Perizach replaced Janzer. Still quite an open game. The difference being we kept squandering good positions, whereas Appel and Burgmans were keeping them from getting close enough to those positions in the first place. Orr was providing us with more options up front. Finlay was showing a lot of composure. But at the same time we were trying to pass to Orr in crazy positions, even the normally good decision maker, Burgmans. Anyhow, the previously mentioned raids from midfield by the opposition, they eventually produced 2 almost identical goals from shots just outside the area. The ref and our late equaliser: It didn't help that around the start of the second half the referee, completely forgot how to make a call. And the trencin boys desperate to get an equalizer, forgot they were playing the honour system. Where did we see that before? Oh yeah, Unicov 2004. Anyhow, their captain (probably deliberately to allow us a chance to score) let the game run an extra 10 minutes until we finally equalized, which was nice of him. Orr, cut in along the end line, made an angle and shot into the far corner, low. The boy has a phenomenal record for the Partisan. 2-2. The post-game: A nice few beer afterwards with the hosts, including receiving the world's biggest wooden beer mug. Later into town fro a communal meal. The usual mischief continued well into the wee hours. Cheers to Bart for all the work.