Andreas Colantoni
Sylvain Chalieux Gerry Keaty Scarselli Till Janzer
David Canek Josh Campbell Quentin Ring Barton
Mark Andress Jarda Berger


Scored goals:

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Actually putting out a team was the achievement of the weekend. Due to the kind help of Andrea Colantoni, the Italian/Swedish goalie, we just about made it. Davide Scarselli, defender with another Prague ex-pats team, also did me a massive favour in turning out, even though he has 2 small kids, is studying for an MBA and it was his wife's birthday (which I only found out at the end). That's the sort of committed players that other teams have. So once again, nothing new in fielding two non-Partisans and another debutant, David ?anek. The beauty of this tournament was that the games were only 30 minutes each. 40 teams divided into 5 or 6 groups. Best teams from each group qualify for the next round on the Sunday. The games were distributed among 5 or 6 villages in the countryside north-east of Prague. We played ours in Mice. First thing I noticed when I arrived was that the teams playing and those just warming up all had immaculate kits - jersies, shorts, socks. We were the down-and-out team. I pointed out the fact that we didn't even have numbers to the incredulous organiser, who thankfully scrounged us a set of jersies. All this was in contrast to the professionalism of Scarselli and Colantoni. The first game against this German crew started very well. A first for Partisan - we played with a sweeper at the back - Scarselli deciding to take this role, as he felt that without it, we wouldn't be organised enough. We dominated the first half. Ring, especially, gave everything in chasing and tackling. Every time Canek got the ball on the right (despite my worst fears) he seemed to start something. He was given acres of space. Andress (making his first start as a stiker) and Berger had numerous chances, often receiving a through ball from midfield (Barton and Campbell) which beat their rather ineffective back line. None of them were converted. At the back the sweeper system was holding steady, and Colantoni made two nice saves to keep us in it. Then just before half time, a speculative lob from Berger was fumbled by their keeper, and perhaps the "huffing and puffing" of Andress in the vicinity, caused him to allow it cross the line. At half time, I think even Colantoni was happily surprised at our workrate and committment. The second half saw us tiring dramatically. They raided extremely well down the right with their speedy wide midfielder. In fact all the danger was coming from there. Barton and Janzer got a baptism of fire. Colantoni made some breathtaking saves, including a massive tip over in a one on one situation. He is right to berate us if we are not doing what he says. If you don't know automatically how to defend a corner kick, then we have a long way to go. Unfortunately we didn't last. One fine strike and a close range shot made the difference. Our own attacking had been almost eliminated - I have a feeling that the opposition changed around something in defence and midfield as well, to make themselves more effective. They also had subs! Andress earned a yellow card for calling the Czech referee a "collaborator" for giving so many decisions the other way.