Scored goals:

  1. Darren Mellis


The few changes from the last game included a debut for bright new hope, and our first Hungarian, Endre Szabo on the left of midfield, Wein at left back, Andress and Child swapping positions and Ansell starting up front The opposition, whom I heard call themselves Windham (which means they have obviously given up on trying to read it the way its written), were billed as not very good which makes me wonder what on earth we would be described as. They gave us a lesson in retaining the ball and pushing forward with extra men from defence. They had a couple of tricky wide men, and their midfielders linked up with great fluency. It didnt help that any time we actually did get the ball, there was a good chance it was going to be ballooned into the sky or kicked straight over the touchline. I know the 6 nations rugby tournament was on that day, but I hadnt expected us to be in practice for it . The distribution was like that throughout the game, whether under pressure or otherwise. Very hard to set up attacks when thats the way were playing. Nevertheless the new look back four remained firm, with Anton showing solid handling, Appel having a big game, the corner backs doing enough, and James using all his legal and illegal tricks to keep the hordes of attackers at bay. They had half a dozen shots on goal in the first half, a few offsides, and about 3 one on ones. It was from a great defence splitting pass that they scored about 25 minutes in. 1-0 We had a few forays up front ourselves, one chiselled out by Burgmans, setting up Mellis, straight in front of goal, 5 metres out, only to have his effort smothered by the goalie. The opposition were playing a fairly reckless game in effectively playing 2 attacking wingbacks, leaving just 2 defenders back on our two attackers. There were two or three incidents where a quick ball over the top released Ansell to race on. They didnt come of anything due to good defending or offside decisions. However on 25 minutes, an up-and-under welly downfield from James evaded their last defender and sent Mellis clear. He finished in style, sliding the ball past the keeper. 1-1. Halftime changes meant Szabo, Wein, and Mellis taking a breather, replaced by Martinez, Clifford, and Ripley. The style of the game didnt change much after the break although we did have a bit more control, and Martinez made an instant impact, holding up the ball, taking on his man, bringing the rest of the midfield into the game. Wymondham kept the pressure on, making quite a few shooting chances on one occasion only inches away from the perfect lobbed goal and another drive skimming the crossbar. From another corner they wasted a free header that failed to even hit the target. Then a miracle happened on about 60 minutes. A penalty box skirmish, Martinez heads the ball down to a queue of 3 waiting Partisan players. James was first on hand to lash the ball in from point blank range. He doesnt often miss those! After that we seemed to hang on for dear life as Wymondham were stirred into action. Wave after wave of good passing movements came to nothing. Finally with the finish line in sight, we gave away a silly free (by the usually immaculate Appel) just outside the box. The resulting ball was headed in at the back post. 2-2.was the final result, and I have to say it was as satisfying a game weve played in a long time. And it was a great second half of open football, with both teams having their fair share of chances. And to be fair, we hadnt played in 6 weeks and Wymondham Rangers had just finished top of the table of the local Sunday league division. So a decent result, all things considered.