Sylvain Chalieux Gerry Keaty Josh Campbell Quentin Ring
Doron Raviv Marius Dragomir Steve Sillett Mark Andress
Honza Horak Jarda Berger


Scored goals:

  1. Doron Raviv
  2. Jarda Berger


Partisan Prague gets its first 11-a-side victory against village veterans Partisan Prague made its first away trip to the charming plains of northern Moravia, on an invitation from some acquaintances. The opposition, Uni?ov, were not all in their first of their youth, ranging from their mid-twenties to their fifties, but with a whole lot more football skills than us. Hence came an even match, with a happy ending for the Partisans. 1st half: "Hey, isn't it hot here?" "No, we're just a goal down, as usual" Probably struck by the Moravian sun, us pale Prague-based players experienced a torrid start once again, although we managed not to concede two goals in the first 10 minutes this time. The first warning saw one of our defenders bundle the oldest member of Uni?ov into the dust at the very edge of the penalty area and caused the active though rather small attendance to boo. Immediately after in the 11th minute, Campbell had to clear away a ball that was awaiting a little push from it's master to enter Partisan's goal. Indeed! Once again, the beginning wasn't much fun for the defence, even if the opposition weren't promising to be as quick as our previous competitors. With a cold blooded Campbell in the middle, and a very reliable Ring on the left, Uni?ov's attackers knew from the beginning they'd have to take a very close look to find spaces in Partisan's defence. Soon our own attack began to get on the ball, with a few shots passing not too far from the goal (Berger 15' Hork 19'). Sillet also looked lively with a beautiful lob skimming the crossbar and a shot forcing their keeper into a fine save. The home team however made their mark first. A move started out on the left ended in a vicious in-swinging cross. Unfortunately Keaty got there first and unable to turn the ball away from goal, put it in off the post following a very unsubtle touch off his left foot. (0-1 on 21 mins). As was becoming usual, PP was beginning a goal down, faithful to it's strategy of testing their opponents' abilities. Partisan's retribution was quick and deadly. Child was pushing further up the wing to support the attack, and when a shot from "Japan-Boy" Hork was parried by the keeper, Child was on hand to drive the ball through the defence and under the diving goalkeeper from the edge of the box (1-1, 33'). The game was promising to be a contest. But PP was about to get extra help to make the difference. Loaned midfielder Jarda played like a storm. And an audible sigh of relief went up from his own team mates as Keaty was forced off the field in a bizarre accident involving his ankle and a sideline kerb obscured with long grass. 2nd half: how a potential 5-3 defeat turns out to be a 2-3 victory Back from a refreshing break in the shade, both teams came out fighting, and the second half was much more contested and physical. On-loan midfielder, Jarda, was a blessing, providing a robust centre for us to work around, and winning many vital balls in the centre of midfield. In addition, with our 2 metre-tall loan goalkeeper, PP was probably playing 30% above it's usual level. Ring was perforating the left side with Barton in attendance, Child and Dragomir were animating the right. Andress had taken a more central role alongside Jarda Uni?ov, stopping whatever had to be. Sillet was distilling fine balls to the attackers as usual. Berger and Horak were making themselves a constant threat in the penalty area. The next goal, however, went to the locals, on a millimetre precise header (2-1, 59'). A few minutes later, Chalieux took care of an orphan ball on the right, passed it to Dragomir who lanced it past Uni?ov's doorman (2-2, 65'). The revolt had begun. Uniov's net was still shaking from this strike when, on the same side, Child passed the ball above the Moravian defenders' heads to Chalieux, who transmitted it to Dragomir for a last pass to Berger who poked it across the line (2-3, 68). Victory came only after fate helped along a bit further. Throwing its last forces into the battle for victory, Uniov rushed on our goal, creating a half dozen of dangerous situations in our penalty area. On one of these occasions, Keaty, being the last defender (and a liability once again), front tripped the attacker about to shoot (80'). A penalty was awarded, but was parried by our loan keeper, diving on the right side. It clinched the first victory of the Partisan-era. 3rd half: Beer, sausages, and a Romanian troubadour Most of the events of the third half have to be kept under a strict code of silence. Though, decency allows us to mention the faultless hospitality of the locals, their more than decent beer and their excellent sausages which definitely don't come from the same supplier as the sadly famous Vaclavske namesti Hotdog. But if one had to remember only one thing, it would be the musical happening that followed, Dragomir singing along with the accordionist and guitarist in an amazing display of knowledge of Czech songs, even if the late home made slivovice somehow melted the lyrics in his mouth. But hey, Marius, you DO know Czech songs, don't you? Match reporter: Sylvain Chalieux