Radek Simunek
Doron Raviv Colin Sablack Armand Guri Dammy Olubokun
Ladislav Valent Dave Sheppard Roman Maceska Hugo Crispim
Asaf Romano Marate Tchongo


Scored goals:

  1. Hugo Crispim


Tough game against a very organised and determined DZ team. The scoreline was a bit harsh perhaps, and does not entirely reflect the balance of play, but we cannot argue the result. First half we had more attempts on goal than them, but did not score - Hugo hit the post once, Asaf blazed over from six yards, their keeper made 2 or 3 excellent saves, a few shots just wide or over. In contrast they were quite clinical in finishing. It started with Child taking the ball out of defence, beating the DZ left winger, but misplacing a pass between Dave and Roman. DZs captain intercepted, got past our centrebacks and slotted past Radek. Not the only misplaced pass from a Partisan that night, but punished. The second came from a high ball into the box. Rad called and came for it but was only able to palm it 6 yards out to a DZ player who passed back across goal for a team-mate to knock in. Bit of a flap from Rad, although he had to come through a crowd of bodies and after that it was pinball in the box. Could have fallen to anybody. 0-2 at HT. Second half we were pushing up for a way back and left gaps behind the midfield. DZs left winger got around Banjo on the corner of the box, slotted across to a striker, Rad came out to cover but the striker was already there with a relatively straightforward task to slot into the left corner. Hugo got one back from a scramble in their goalmouth to give Partisan hope, but as we continued to push, DZ were able to sit back and caught us on the break one more time for 4-1.