Scored goals:

  1. Gerry Keaty
  2. Gerry Keaty
  3. Mark Andress


The third game in our on-going series against Medics Disjointed, sorry, United. This made it our second win. And fairly convincing at that. They made us look like a good team at times, but at the end of the day Des, their keeper gifted us 2 or 3 goals. They strung together a few nice moves, and brought out some good saves from Anton. So an easy win but not before they posed us a few questions. Medics do have a team to beat us, honest its just that they didnt bring it last time or this. They did win hands down on strange retro fashions though their handlebar mustachioed defender being a right old flashback to 70s skin flicks. Partisans lineout was fairly unchanged from the last few games with the exception that Mark Mandy Andress made his return after missing loads of games away (in dog years that would be about 14) and Anton Big Anton Polishchuk back in goal after temporarily being replaced by Hobden. For a change, Dennis Jablko Appel played at right back. Partisan debut boy, James, reffed the first half The first 10 minutes was all Partisan. Our defence clearing any dangers, and midfield getting stupid amounts of space to work in, especially Matthews out wide. A few penalty box skirmishes came to nothing. Then, a counter attack caught us a little bare, and a sliding 20 yard shot squeezed in under Polishchuks body. I cant remember too many times where we went behind and fought back to win. And I thought this might be Medics day But with that much possession, you cant but score. Burgmans was winning everything in midfield, and a lot of the aerial stuff went unchallenged. Then the floodgates opened. A neat flick from Ripley sent Keaty through, and he lobbed the outrushing keeper. A few minutes later he rose unchallenged in the box to head home from a Mellis free kick. And by 30 minutes he had a hat trick, when a scuffed shot from inside the box fooled everyone including himself. Mellis capped the first half comeback with a headed goal from point blank range. Half-time 4-1. Medics controlled their game a bit more, but couldnt get the breaks. They all seemed to come our way. Although Medics clawed on back early on it didnt make much difference. An Andress lob from the middle of their half, and a second lob to better it, a contender for goal of the year, this time from Appel from inside his own half, made it 6-2. Finally a rasper from Matthews, cutting in from the wing, and a close range shot from Finlay sealed the deal. 8-2. Close to our biggest winning margin. But it included some of our jammiest goals ever All credit to the way we defended. Burgmans, Matthews , Appel, Andress and the 2 centre backs. putting their bodies in there. And also for the running of the front men. Contrast of the game: The face on Andress after not getting a free from a 50-50 tackle. The refs decision of a drop ball almost caused him to throw all his toys out of the pram. And the look on his face moments later when his speculative cross landed in the net .