Radek Simunek
Khyzer Chaudhary Armand Guri Stephan Schuchardt Endre Szabo
Doron Raviv Colin Sablack Sam Ross Denis Anikin
Kostas Ioakim Pejman Taghavi


Scored goals:

  1. Kostas Ioakim
  2. Dammy Olubokun
  3. Denis Anikin


Partisans 2011 campaign got off to a successful start with a 5-0 victory over long-time rivals IFC. The fixture was, however, marred by some decidedly unprofessional behavior from the official, who showed up on time, but completely plastered. Unable to open and close the gate leading to the pitch, barely able to stay on his feet or even speak, the former first league referee had clearly had one or two piva/becherovky prior to the 14.30 kick-off. There were whispers of him needing assistance to get to his feet earlier in the clubhouse, and later being carried and loaded into a car. To his credit he was still insistent that he was able to carry on and effectively officiate the tie. While it provided both teams with some pre-match laughs for both sides, it was agreed that there was no way we would let him take part, not only for the sake of the game, but also for the elderly gentlemans health. The sides agreed each team would provide a referee for each half and the game got under way. It has become clear recently that while Partisan brings in new, young talent, IFC are sticking with their old boys, who are fine footballers, but merely unable to keep up with the overall pace of the youngsters. Partisan fairly dominated the opening half, with IFC making infrequent forays into the Partisan half, which were quickly snuffed out by the more than capable back four. The opening goal came as IFC tried to employ their traditional offside-trap, which is great when it works, but were caught out by our new Greek striker, Kostas. Clean through, he took his time, had a look at the flag and slotted inside the left post. Chadhaury was forced off after 15 minutes with a shoulder knock. Child moved to right back and the bigger Greek came in on the right wing, who scored within minutes of his entrance through great work by Olubokun down the left. His cross floated deep to the far post, evaded all defenders and was forced in big the big thigh of the big Greek. Halftime 2-0. Anikin took the whistle for the first part of the second half. Caliskaner was on at striker after being stood up by the Czech census delivery service. This moved Olubokun back to his comfortable left-wing position, from where he scored the third with a strong run into the box and a pile driver into the top left corner. Ross took the refs whistle at 60 minutes. Child took a break to entertain the wee tikes on the sideline and Anikin came in at right back. It was from there that the young Russian got his first goal for his new club. After following the run of Guri, who had swapped with Theodoropoulos, into the box, Anikin found the ball at his feet, switched to his left and slotted a bending finish around the keeper and in off the post. 5-0 came from Kostas again, who beat two defenders and popper up with another one of his calm and collected finishes. Full-time. It ended at 5-0 with Simunek making perhaps two saves and Schuhardt providing the massive aerial presence, which is very much necessary against a side like IFC. On the day, Partisans finishing was outstanding, and defending was sound. Kudos to both sides for getting this done under uncertain circumstances and without incident. I would expect that we will not be seeing that ref anytime soon. Report: Colin Sablack