Radek Simunek
Khyzer Chaudhary Keyur Patel anonymous Endre Szabo
Mark Matthews Dave Sheppard Pejman Taghavi Dammy Olubokun
Dan Finlay Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Armand Guri


Match Report: Endre Szabo Partisan had mixed results against Praga B in the last league season. After winning the away game in the fall 6-1, the home leg of 2-2 can be described by those frustrating terms used for lost points due to our own mistakes. In the shadow of the black lights from Friday night (Saturday morning) the team gathered in surprisingly controlled fashion - only a ball was missing to warm up and eventually to start the game. Using the guest team ball the kick-off happened in great sunshine under the referring of an Andriy Voronin lookalike referee, who proved to be a fair controller and even demonstrated some English. Partisan started with some good Finlay-Guri combinations occasionally supported by Taghavi from the midfield. This pressure resulted in the first Guri goal at around 15 minutes into the game. Centre-back Ostrowski stole the ball inside the Partisan half and took a few strides forward before releasing Guri just in front of the box. After making a usual move or two, the Albanian nicely lifted the ball into the right side of the goal. (Ed's note 100th Partisan goal for Guri) 1-0 Partisan's forwards continued to make trouble and converted a couple of minutes later. Finlay used his usual stamina to win a ball in the box and volleyed back in front of the goal over all heads. Olubokun jumped higher than the goalie and nodded in from the goal line. Good pressure from Olubokun. 2-0 The second goal calmed Partisan a bit. While Simunek made two or three good saves and the opposition made some moves on Partisan's goal, at large their efforts had no power to break through. Still all eyes froze seeing the ball landing in Partisan's net from Khyzer's clearance - but luckily the ref whistled for a free kick for Praga B, which they then wasted from the edge of the box. The rest of the half brought some nice passing from Partisan and a denied goal as the linesman incorrectly decided that Guri's pass back to Finlay was offside. Half Time: Partisan 2 - 0 Praga B The second half cleared the black lights and replaced them with sunshine into Partisan's eyes. Perhaps that was why the machine was creaking a bit for a while, although there was no real threat on goal from Praga B. The scene was dominated by missed passes, Olubokun's wrestling sessions and Sheppard's relentless clearing attacks. It lasted only for 15 minutes when Guri was given a penalty kick after a body-check in the box. The victim converted it and this practically ended the game. The only question was the clean sheet. Sub Caliskaner caused some more trouble for the visitors, but it was Guri again who in a counter-attack ignored many options to pass and walked from the halfway-line to the box and finished with a punctual shot into the left corner of the goal for his hattrick. Good effort from Partisan to get back in the contest for the league with this win.