Ales Kudlik
Sam Ross Tomas Rimovsky Christos Theodoropoulos Dammy Olubokun
Toby Gisler Colin Sablack Vitaly Klopot Shane Fitzgerald
Ricardo Garcia Umit Caliskaner


Scored goals:

  1. Sam Ross
  2. Umit Caliskaner


Subless in Sterboholy Captain Sablack wouldnt have been too pleased when the referee blew his commencing whistle for this mid-week fixture at grassy Sterboholy. An alternative pregame warm-up session of sorts including half of the backline and midfield, a couple of unexplained no shows and as ever late-comer Ricardo who just cant stay away from Mecholoupy, meant only about 5 Partisaners were kitted, on the field and ready for kickoff at gametime. Partisan would shortly kickoff with 10, but this Wednesday night crew wasnt going to let being a man down affect their game plan. Partisan were actually the better side for most of the first half though, and Wilhelm-Ross got the first goal when he was at the right place at the right time to direct Olubokuns shot, I mean, cross, into a gaping goal. IFC must have leveled before the break, perhaps right after Partisans goal, but who can be sure? Regardless it was 1-1 at halftime. The second goal was a real gem from our Brazilian who more than made up for his habitual tardiness on this evening. He controlled a headed clearance on the edge of the area with his back to goal, took a touch off his thigh, then spun and released a wicked volley that went in off the underside of the bar beating IFCs keeper whod been having a decent evening. Umit sealed the deal in injury time with a neat finish on the counterattack. And that was all she wrote. Partisan 3 IFC 1. Ill do the match report. Dammy after the game.