Radek Simunek
anonymous Keyur Patel Garrett Parker Khyzer Chaudhary
Mark Matthews Dave Sheppard Bart Burgmans Vitaly Klopot
Dan Finlay Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Bart Burgmans


Partisan will feel disappointed in not having finished off a match and letting 2 points slip away. Kolovraty gave us a game and caused problems. In that respect, credit is due to the Czechs, but Partisan dominated for extended periods and created far more chances. Some fine saves from the Kolovraty goalkeeper, some poor Partisan finishing, and a late defensive lapse cost Partisan the win. The first half started with plenty of good play from the wings. Our Banjo (Matthews) was taking on and beating the Kolovraty left back and Finlay was involved in most of Partisans early chances, including 3 splendid balls, sending Klopot through twice and Matthews once. Klopot forced a good save from the keeper with his first and then missed a finish that a player of his talent normally converts. Matthews was clean through, but the Kolovraty keeper did well to come out and snuff out the chance. Finlay also forced two good saves with shots from distance. Simunek had very little to deal with in the first half and most of the match. The back line held up well and Sheppard and Burgmans got into every challenge they could. They were playing quite defensive, but it seemed reasonable considering the chances the strikers and wingers were creating. Half Time: Partisan 0 - 0 Kolovraty B The second half seemed to be a mirror image of the first, good saves forced by Klopot and Finlay. The deadlock was broken on 65 minutes when Burgmans produced a Goal of the Year candidate. After good play down the left, the ball squirted out to the midfield, where the Dutchman lurked. From 30 yards out and with a first-time effort with the outside of his right boot, he bent it into the top left corner, leaving the seemingly unbeatable keeper with no chance. Partisan 1-0 SK Kolovraty. The goal was outstanding, but it left Partisan in a much more defensive mindset. The attacks became more static and less flowing. Substitutions were made. Sablack on for Chaudhary, Garcia on for Finlay, and Benson on for Guri. The rest of the match was pretty uneventful until the 86th minute, when Kolovraty were awarded a succession of free kicks, with which the Partisan coped with relatively well, except for the last and most deadly. The set piece came from 35 yards nearly on the touchline, sailed through the air and was allowed to bounce at the 6-yard box. Both Sablack and Patel had a legitimate chance at dealing with it. Simunek leapt to grab it just as the most threatening SK striker rose to head. The collision resulted in both players on the ground and the ball in the net. No foul was given and the score was 1-1. The final whistle blew shortly after. Partisan will feel that they should have come away with 3 points. Although a draw is not terrible, it was not the ideal result and they have only themselves to blame.