Scored goals:

  1. Dan Finlay


This annual fixture against Unicov is in its second year. A milestone last year in that we got our first ever 11 a side win. Survivors from that game were myself, Andress, Child and Campbell. The team this time around looks rather unusual with a few players getting their game after a long absence. Jon "the door is locked" Lemelman takes his place at right back and Gonzalo "where's the disco?" Nunez starts at centre back. On paper this is a better team than last year, so all in all we had high expectations. And Campbell was extra motivated, making his last appearance before his move to New Zealand. The group photos and collective handshakes were hardly through, when Finlay got the ball on the edge of the box, and curled a peach of a shot around the keeper into the corner of the net. 1-0 up and the whole game to play! We couldn't believe it. We soon found out it was too good to be true. These lads may be veterans but they are fit for over 40 year olds, hard, and damn competitive. We had our chances first half. The campbell express made his trademark runs, and there were plenty of through balls to Harris and Andress. A nod down by Andress put Keaty through but he blasted over from 20 yards. We also did a lot of farting in or around the last third of their pitch, but didnt have the wit to make it into anything. That's when they took over. Their intricate passing led to an overlap on the right and a goal. They started to up the ante, and a couple of speculative balls into our box from their midfield, gave them a 3-1 lead. Muddy goalmouth area etc. and so on. I've never seen our lads quiter at half time than this game. A lot of us realised the odds were against us. They were bloody organised. Their offside was instinctual (Arsenal circa. 1988). They squashed the game into 1/2 of the whole field. Our attack had little room for manouevre. And when you need to beat the offside it helps when the referee is playing fair. He gave it for them when they never asked it, and refused it for us when we basically all stopped playing. The honour system was never really a starter. 90% of all descisions went against us - and to cap it all they started moaning that we were over physical. That started off the moment Appel made what he claims was the best tackle he ever made. The problem was their centre back, the token under 30 year old (and a psycho as well), went for it as well despite not having a hope in hell. Course he got it on the shins and had to hobble off. A couple more completely mild incidents and they start mouthing off that they'll never play us again! From that point onwards my heart wasn't much in it, along with Appel, considering the fact thaat we had to socialise the whole rest of the night with these guys. Random thought: was the referee from Liverpool... shaggy perm and Boys from the black stuff bushy moustache. It didnt stop Campbell who dragged us single handly into it again, and he had a couple of self made chances that brought out good saves. We did get something from the ref in a penalty decision which Finlay converted. However pushing forward for the equaliser, we exposed ourselves and they scored a breakaway to end the game 2-4. Special metion to Harris for his goal line clearing header, and Lemelman who did everything asked of him in the corner.