Jerry Lillard
Doron Raviv Chris Johnson Christos Theodoropoulos Vitaly Klopot
Dan Finlay Sam Ross Pejman Taghavi Dammy Olubokun
Ricardo Garcia Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Dammy Olubokun
  3. Pejman Taghavi


Partisan traveled to Sterboholy to conclude their Prague League Campaign against sixth-placed Sterboholy. Several regulars were missing for Partisan so it was the talismanic Johnson who strapped on the capitans armband and gave a rousing pre-game teamtalk. There were fears that the new keeper Lillard would miss this inspirational talk as he was rumored to be out at one of his all night disco and sacrament establishments hes known to frequent, but luckily he made it in time for kickoff. A further concern was Schuchardt, eager to make his return from injury, but pulling up during the warm-up, leaving Partisan with just one sub. World traveler and Partisan stalwart Endre (another one in the injury room) brought a vuvuzela of all things to inject some life into the lazy Saturday morning, and incidentally we kicked off the game with the controversial jubilani ball. After about 90 seconds their keeper was picking the jubilani out of his own net as Armand had pounced on an opportunity after a defenders mistake. And it was 2-0 not long after as Christos volleyed home a rebound from a corner from inside the box. Partisan were doing most of the attacking and in all honestly it should have been 4 or 5 nil at half time, with Armand, Dammy, and Ricardo all squandering reasonable chances. Half Time: Partisan 2 - 0 Sterboholy Johnsons message was clear at halftime, Get the third goal and the game is ours. And sure enough, about five minutes in, Banjo had gotten the rock-hard ball switched for a softer rounder non-jubilani model to take a corner. His delivery was inch perfect for Dammy to rise above everyone as he so often does and thunder home his header into the back of the net. Whatever fight Sterboholy had left in them was erased with that goal. Ill be honest with you guys; its a bit hazy after this. I know Todd came on for Banjo, and I think Christos got his second and the fourth after PJs free kick glanced off the wall and he beat the defender to the ball to punch it home. Then PJ got his goal after his shot was deflected and just trickled over the line. But by far the goal of the day was our sixth and that same combination. This time Christos played a long ball over the top for PJ which he took first time after one bounce to coolly lob the onrushing keeper from about 20 yards. Classy. Too bad he has to spend the next 2 months in Pittsburgh, UGH! Armand, while not busy cementing his status as the worlds most selfish player, fired home our 7th and his second goal on the day. Oh, and Jerry, who has done extremely well in goal in the last couple of months, saved a penalty, but unfortunately, Nobody crashed the box! and the guy stuck it back in there. Final score 7-1. It was a comprehensive away win for Partisan who have had their struggles on the road this year. Days like these give us reasons to be optimistic for next season.