Radek Simunek
Endre Szabo anonymous Keyur Patel Jerry Lillard
Mark Matthews Dave Sheppard Pejman Taghavi Dammy Olubokun
Chris Johnson Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Dave Sheppard


On a hot day in Nusle the Partisan team went to upset the #2 team a week after drawing against league leaders Cholupice. Partisan were full of confidence at the beginning of the match and were dominating for brief periods. On the 10 minute mark a sublime corner from Dave "skinny bitch" Sheppard was met with a towering header from Dammy "where's the river" Olubokun and what was surely to be a goal was miraculously (and quite possibly illegally) cleared off the line. There were screams for handball but the ref was in no position to make the call so play resumed. Nusle began to take charge of the game and the added 5 players from their A team made a difference when a snapshot caught Radek "the cat" Simunek off guard and glanced off the post and his arm. Nusle began picking apart the defense at will and by the half time whistle it was 4-0. Partisan were a bit demoralized and frankly quite worn out from the pace of Nusle and the extreme heat. Half Time: Partisan 0 - 4 Nusle B The 2nd half began with much of the same with Nusle carving the defense apart like a leg of young spring lamb. 4-0 became 5-0, and to make matters worse in conceding the fifth Simunek was beat to the ball and fell awkwardly to dislocate his elbow. A very painful injury which took over 20 minutes before the ambulance could come to take Simunek to the hospital. Child and Benson who were warming the hot bench noted that perhaps it was a curse of the infamous Nusle Elbow Bees which swarmed across the pitch just before the incident, however after further consultations with local apiarists, the Nusle Elbow Bee is considerably larger and make a whooping sound when swarming, which was definitely not the case on the day. Play resumed after half an hour and J.J. "don't call me whitey" Lillard took his inevitable position in the Partisan goal. It was still one way traffic, but suddenly Partisan got the ball and Sheppard, doing his little wiggle stepping, looked up and shot a beauty of a goal from about 25 yards out on the right into the top left corner. Even the 2 meter tall keeper had no chance for one of the better Partisan goals. 5-1 However, brief hopes of a comeback were quickly dashed when Lillard was beat after the defense caved and their center back rounded him and scored. Lillard then did well to keep one shot out, but Nusle scored again to make it 7-1. Mark Child, brought on in replacement of the slightly reddened yet non-perspiring Mark "the glandless" Matthews, almost doubled the Partisan tally with a cheeky cross/shot that almost snuck in. With 15 minutes to go and all hope of winning out the door, the Old man Benson came on in replacement of the blessed and beloved Chris Johnson. After several futile runs into open space, the crafty Hungarian left back Endre "master of booze" Szabo, crossed a pin-perfect ball which Benson let bounce and then shot cleanly over the out of position goalie. 1 kick, 1 goal. Final score 7 - 2 The big question - will Armand join Nusle? Rumor has it he was approached in the shower, as is customary in Nusle, to see if he would play for them. Time will tell.