Jerry Lillard
Khyzer Chaudhary Garrett Parker Keyur Patel Endre Szabo
Dan Finlay Roman Maceska Sam Ross Shane Fitzgerald
Shaz Khaliq Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Armand Guri
  2. Shane Fitzgerald
  3. Shaz Khaliq


CHAMPIONS!! Match report: Endre Szabo Partisan prepared for the last PEPSL game with exemplary diligence. All players showed up on time, kit was there and washed, funds were provided to pay the pitch and referee. (Ed's Note: finally we're getting to grips with the basics...) The home team controlled the first half, while IFC seemed to try just to survive the game. While Partisan built many chances, something was always missing at the last moment. Either Guri hit the bar, or Khaliq kicked the air just 1 metre from the goal or Fitzgerald kicked the ball straight at the keeper. Before it became too frustrating Guri broke the curse at the 35-minute mark by intercepting a bad pass from IFC and walking it home. 1-0 stayed the result for the first half. Half Time: Partisan 1 - 0 IFC Partisan started the second half with a quick goal - again Guri converted the chance. 2-0. IFC were still not in the game although they tried hard to play their striker called Justice, but the passes were always cleared by Parker's superb positioning or Patel's well timed headers. Partisan soon made it 3-0 with a good break in by Fitzgerald, for his first Partisan goal. Guri then got his hattrick, increasing Partisan's lead to 4-0. He received a ball from Szabo's free kick just inside the box and volleyed home. Nice finish. Finally Khaliq eased his frustration of the many missed chances and sliced in the 5th goal from the right of the box. 5-0. And all these 4 goals in the first 20 minutes of the second half! The Partisan defence then went to sleep a bit and IFC took advantage and destroyed our clean sheet with a header. 5-1 As Partisan was still in charge, it did not take too long to regain the 5-goal lead. It was Khaliq again who converted after some passing. 6-1. Surprisingly IFC scored again - this time from a deserved move by Justice. 6-2 Did not take more than 2 minutes and the 5-goal difference was reset. Chaudhary squared in towards Garcia, who cleverly stepped over the ball, which found Ross just in the box and he did not miss it. 7-2 And IFC was still not dead and scored one more against the Partisan defence, which lost its structure. 7-3 and it stayed like that. Partisan collected a deserved win and finished the PEPSL season in style.