Radek Simunek
Garrett Parker Stephan Schuchardt Christos Theodoropoulos Endre Szabo
Mark Matthews Dave Sheppard Bart Burgmans Dammy Olubokun
Sigve Pedersen Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Sigve Pedersen
  2. Dave Sheppard
  3. Christos Theodoropoulos


Comprehensive wins over Zabehlice and Inferno had cemented 4th place in the Prague league for Partisan. That is until the morning of the match when we found out that, without warning or notification, bureaucratic overzealousness had robbed us of the 3 points gained in our excellent display against close rivals Zabehlice. So it was a posse of pissed off Partisans that poured onto the pitch to pound poor Radlice. The first 10 minutes were a bit scrappy. The few decent players Radlice had tried to keep things together, but their problems began at the back, as we found out in our first meaningful attack. A lofted ball into their box was chased down by Pedersen, but also by Radlices keeper, who ran 10 yards from his goal, screaming the whole way, before bumping into Pedersen, falling on the floor, and then jumping up again to hurl abuse at our bemused Norwegian. A few minutes later he repeated the whole farce, screams and all, this time running into the large solid object we call a Guri. The Partisan onlookers were gobsmacked. Radlices supporters, including one affable chap from Newcastle, at least had the decency to look a little embarrassed at their number 1s antics. Not long after that we broke the deadlock. A through ball came to Pedersen about 20 yards out and he burst into the right side of the box before firing across the goal. The keeper made contact with the ball but couldnt stop it going in at the left post. 1-0. It should have been 2-0 not long after that when a well-struck free-kick from Sheppard hit the post; the keeper batted out the rebound but only as far as Pedersen, who instinctively buried it. Bizarrely, the goal was disallowed for offside. A few minutes later Pedersen threatened again, putting a shot just past the right post. Another banzai charge by the keeper then followed and again ended more or less where our Albanian began. There were chances for Guri and Olubokun, as well as a free-kick for Theodoropoulos drilled wide of the right upright. The second goal eventually came about 35 minutes in when Guri tapped in after a goalmouth scramble. It was a clear goal but Radlices hysterical keeper once again took offense, seemingly to Partisan playing football, and when the ref refused to listen to his objections stormed out of his area screaming kurva and pica at the unfortunate middleman. Nice. Weve had players booked for that, but I guess its okay if youre Czech. 2-0 Partisan. The third goal was a peach. The illustrious Banjo had been having a field day down the right wing, and after bamboozling his marker tucked the ball into Sheppard on the inside right; the latter was bundled to the ground but managed to flick the ball further infield to Pedersen. Spying Olubokuns diagonal run from the left wing, the Norwegian played a perfect through ball inside the tracking defender. Meanwhile Sheppard had picked himself up and followed through into the box to take the return pass from Olubokun and crash the ball into the top of the net for his first goal in 9 months. 3-0. There was just time for one of Radlices players to elbow Pedersen and pick up a yellow card before the half-time whistle went. Half Time: Partisan 3 - 0 Radlice Taghavi came on for Pedersen, Child for Matthews. The second half was a more disjointed affair, with play interrupted by disputes, cards and injuries. After a near-miss at the post, the Radlice keeper decided to hit Guri in the face. For this, Guri received a yellow card. Lillard came on for Szabo for some fresh legs for Partisan, but Schuchardt then injured his knee. As wed already used our 3 subs, we were forced to play a man down. Not that it made much difference. A curving corner from Child was met by the head of an airborne Sheppard, powering it home for his second goal of the game. 4-0. Then from a cross, Theodoropoulos who had steamed up front, powered in a header. The keeper parried it, but only as far as aforementioned Greek, who scissor-kicked it in from his prone position on the floor. 5-0. Simunek and the defence had a bit more to sweep up later in the game as the heat and the numbers wore on Partisan a bit; but we kept possession well and even came close to a sixth on a couple of occasions. A storming run by Lillard from left back was eventually halted in the Radlice box, while Taghavi bamboozled his way in on a few occasions but was crowded out by multiple defenders. Olubokun got scythed down brutally on the left wing and Schuchardt had to hobble back on for the last 5 minutes to plug some gaps. But we kept it together, kept the clean sheet, and left with another 3 points in the bag. Lets hope were allowed to keep them.