Jerry Lillard
anonymous Colin Sablack Armand Guri Roman Maceska
Mark Matthews Sam Ross Chris Johnson Ashkan Shapouri
Ricardo Garcia Umit Caliskaner


Scored goals:

  1. Ricardo Garcia
  2. Umit Caliskaner


Considering lost points, the two top teams met on a warm April evening in Horni Mecholupy surrounded by hungry mosquitoes and wandering night orienteer runners. Partisan stalwart Lillard was making his debut between the sticks, while new boy Fitzgerald started on the bench in his first appearance for the club. The first 30 minutes brought a difficult game. Partisan could hardly control the ball or complete a pass and Mollys played the kick ahead and perhaps somebody can catch it style. The game changed with the first round of subs. The midfield held the ball longer and made comfortable passes to find space. Despite the better the shape, the first goal still came in an uncontrolled manner, when Garcia tried from the right edge of box and scored in the 38th minute, partly due to deflections off a defender and the otherwise quite good goalkeeper. 1-0 The rest of the half brought more Partisan dominance but with no real threat on goal. Half Time: Partisan 1 - 0 Mollys The first 15 minutes of the second half was nearly as messy as the first part of the first half. Perhaps Partisan was more comfortable with the ball, but could not complete too many actions. Again the subs brought fresh attempts to the pitch. Klopot took advantage of confusion between the Mollys defenders to smash home the second goal in the 60th minute. 2-0 This was followed by some good chances by Partisan, while Mollys seemingly got more and more tired. First Banjo crossed from the right and the ball, which went over the whole defense, was directly shot back by Shapouri, but the goalie saved it. It was a nice moment. A couple of minutes later Garcia backheeled the ball forward to Caliskaner, who unfortunately ran a bit over and met the goalkeeper again. His chance was soon to come though. A great three-touch action started from Lillards kick-out, met by one of the Mollys defenders who could only head the ball poorly and towards his own goal. Caliskaner was right there and without letting the ball touch the ground smashed Partisans third goal in the 80th minute. 3-0 Two minutes later in the 82nd, Klopot exchanged passes with debutant Fitzgerald who found Garcia free on the right side of the box, and the Brazilian ball magician drove home the 4th goal. The referee whistled couple of minutes early, but clearly Mollys did not have any chance or threat on Lillards goal through the entire game. Despite the lousy beginnings of each half, overall it was a good performance by Partisan, who now clearly lead the table by only 3 lost points, while second-placed Mollys have lost 6 points.