Radek Simunek
Garrett Parker Stephan Schuchardt Keyur Patel Jerry Lillard
Doron Raviv Chris Johnson Bart Burgmans Sam Ross
Pejman Taghavi Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Pejman Taghavi
  2. Armand Guri


How to blow 3 points. Shep, who had the kit, was about an hour and a half late. We sat in the dressing room in a suburb of Prague like idiots and eventually had to borrow a kit from our hosts. They claimed the ref hadn't showed up. Who's to say? He could have been in the club house getting a free lunch. A rotund old local was offered as an alternative and we were in no position to argue. At that point anyway - we saved it until we were on the field. They were a bunch of veterans and we ran at them from the start. Taghavi opened the scoring but Guri still found it necessary to yell at him for not passing and they got into a screaming match. Guri bagged two more; the bickering continued; we made it to half time 3-0 up. All well and good at that point. The opposition changed it around at half time; brought on a giant battering ram up front, and their ref started whistling everything we did, while allowing them to get away with anything. The goals started going in. A speculative shot that Simunek should have saved. Another I can't remember. A ball that didn't cross the line that the ref awarded as a goal from his vantage point in the centre circle. Another that they kicked into the goal with Simunek still attached to it. And a fifth to wrap it up. It hurts to get played, but we set ourselves up for it.