Colin Sablack
Khyzer Chaudhary anonymous Gordon Nelson Jerry Lillard
Tomas Rimovsky Bart Burgmans Chris Johnson Dammy Olubokun
Umit Caliskaner Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Umit Caliskaner
  2. Endre Szabo


The Autumn part of the Prague league having finished the previous week, Partisan's 35 man squad was now available to tackle the last three competitive matches of the year. On a shiny Saturday afternoon Partisan prepared to face long term rivals Dynamo Zizkov at our fortress home pitch. Play started with Partisan trying to impose their tempo and style of play. This immediately paid off with a long ball to our Albanian target man who went straight towards goal and outmuscled Zizkov's defense. Dribbling in to the 18-yard area, Guri played a perfect pass to Caliskaner who clinically finished into the top of goal, giving the keeper no chance. 1-0 Partisan. Play restarting, Partisan keep and increase the pressure on Zizkov which resulted in a few breakaways that either hit the post or just went wide. But the constant attacking runs of tireless left winger Olubokun resulted in his now-becoming-trademark long-range left-footed rocket beating the Zizkov keeper for 2-0. All this within the first 15 mins. The game was now looking to become a one-sided affair but Zizkov pushed forward and on one particular run of theirs our defense tried to catch them by playing an offside trap - with no success. Zizkov scored almost immediately after we did: 2-1! Contact goal game on. Inspired by the goal, Zizkov started making more runs at our defense, resulting in dangerous crosses and a couple of corners. But all this was handled by our defense and the man in goal, Sablack, showing some good reflexes. Half Time: Partisan 2 - 1 Zizkov 2nd Half starting with Zizkov trying to push up and get an early equaliser. This nearly paid off when an unlucky bounce hit the hand of Jerry "I have to concede a penalty every year" Lillard and this was pointed out to the referee even though he was still on the other half of the pitch. Penalty called. Zizkov's captain and number 10 Jalley confidently set up the ball and hit it hard towards the bottom right side of the goal. Sablack guessed right but no matter as the shot hit the front of the post and was immediately cleared by our players. Turning point of the game as Partisan respond by pushing forward aggressively as in the 1st half. A cross from the right side was cleared to the left side of the box and left-footed maestro Szabo volleyed with his 1st touch to give absolutely no chance to the Zizkov keeper. 3-1 Partisan. Zizkov now under more pressure were being repelled by Partisan's excellent defence until a lack of communication at the back allowed a good through ball from the center to find a Zizkov player who, 1-on-1 with Sablack, shot it coolly into the bottom left of the goal! 3-2 Partisan. But Partisan were clearly dictating the tempo of the game as afterwards a couple more chances came our way. Eventually another power run by Guri ensued in a perfect pass to Olubokun to finish in front of goal. 4-2 Partisan Going for the Hattrick, Dammy had a chance with a well positioned freekick from the left side of the area but his shot went just wide. Overall great team play as the win was clearly deserved and at the same time putting another nail into Zizkov's PEPSL 2 campaign.