Radek Simunek
anonymous Keyur Patel Garrett Parker Dave Sheppard
Stephan Schuchardt Bart Burgmans Vitaly Klopot Dammy Olubokun
Chris Johnson Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot


On a chilly yet sunny day in the always pleasant Cholupice, Partisans brave warriors took on the leagues number 1 team. The pitch or shall I call it the gully, was odd and seemed quite big. This was definitely Partisan's toughest match as the home side found their rythym early. Fortunately for the fans (more than 20 Partisaners) the beer pipes gleefully flowed and all were treated to the wise and knowledgable comments of Dazzer and Jany Palas aka Wonderboy. At half time the score stood at 4 1 to the home team, who were more organized and killing us on the break. Klopot had nipped in and stole us a consolation goal, and you never know in this league anything can happen. Partisan made a few tactical changes at the half which paid off amazingly well for a spell, we kept them at bay and tried to get back in it. Patel powered through and got us another goal, but the hosts then got another goal back. A tale of 2 halves really, final score 5 2. My tip is a Partisan win on the return leg.