Radek Simunek
anonymous Keyur Patel Stephan Schuchardt Sam Ross
Vitaly Klopot Bart Burgmans Dave Sheppard Dammy Olubokun
Dean DaLanca Armand Guri


Scored goals:

  1. Vitaly Klopot
  2. Dean DaLanca
  3. Dean DaLanca


Players were warming up in the cold (4 Celsius) weather, but fell lucky that it did not rain. While waiting for the ref - who came 10 minutes late - Partisan supporters - both of them - acknowledged that Slovan Kunratice beats Partisan both in weight and height. Also noticed that their best warm-up method is the hip flask Match minute by minute: First half The game starts good for Partisan with couple of tries blocked by the defense or shot wide. No need to wait too long for the first goal though. 4th minute Sam tries on goal from a good 20 meters on the left side. His shot is saved by the goalie, but the bounce is caught by Vitaly who drives in the first goal from the right side of the box. Great start ! 1-0 Partisan continues to dominate the game with various clever passing and tries on goal. 12th minute Armand get a pass about 25 meters from goal on the right. Banjo on the bench predicts that the unstoppable Albanian will not pass in that position. And he is right. Armand walks through 2 defenders and releases a powerful shot from the very right of the box. The balls hits the keeper and then lands in goal. 2-0 Clever and great display 5 minutes later, when the Partisan boys add to the goals. 17th minute Bart makes Sam run on the left wing who cleverly passes forward for the arriving Dammy. He centers in from the edge of the box to Dean, who does not make mistake from 10 metres. 3-0 The next 10-15 minutes brings the period when frustrated Kunratice players run crazy and provoke some incidents. In this period they also reach Partisan goals two-three times, but with no threat. Partisan keeps the game under control. 20th minute Dean lifts a great ball in front of Armand - who perhaps surprised that no offside was flagged- kicks the air instead of the ball. 25th minute Matt fires wide from the corner of the penalty box. 35th minute Under pressure from two Kunratice players, Dave volleys high from 20 metres. 37th minute Vitaly breaks through but got pulled back by two hands just in front of the penalty box. Dave fires the free kick into the wall. 38th minute A ball bounces off the defenders and Armand tries directly but the weak curved shout is picked up by the goalie. 41th minute Dave crossing from the right lands on top of the goal 42th minute During one of Kunratice's rare incursions into Partisan's penalty box, Dave kicks the ball with the player. It is a penalty, which is converted by Kunratice. 3-1 Half Time: Partisan 3 - 1 Kunratice C Second half 48th minute The second half starts with a typical dive from a Kunratice player, when KP passes him. The free kick is harmless. 49th minute Dave runs across from left and fires wide from the left corner of the box. 50th minute Banjo replaces Bart. 51st minute Dammy gains the ball in Partisan's half and makes a great run on the left wing. Two defenders try to foul him unsuccessfully. His cross is cleared. Sam puts the corner kick from the left into the box, where Dammy flies over everybody and heads into the net. It is Dammy's goal from start to finish! 4-1 55th minute Armand shoots wide on the corner box. 60th minute Matt breaks to the box, but his shot is wide. 63th minute Dammy dribbles through 3 men and crosses the ball over to Dean, who just needs to pass it in. 5-1. Kunratice's subs leave the game for home 65th minute PJ replaces Armand. 71st minute Sam finds Dammy inside the box, but he kicks it wide by the goalkeeper. 73th minute Dave lays the ball off wide to the right for Banjo who centers the ball in. PJ arrives and lifts it over the goalie into the net. 6-1. Another great display of simple and powerful football! 78th minute Banjo lifts the ball over the full back - who is 30 centimeters taller than him - at the right corner and tries to gets in. The full back cannot stand it and delivers a heinous kick on Banjo's shin. Only a yellow awarded! Banjo hobbles off in extreme pain. Partisan are down to 10 men. 84th minute Dammy dribbles in the left again and delivers a nice ball onto PJ's head, but it flies wide of the net. 85th minute The ref whistles twice and terminates the game 5 minutes early.